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– Martindale, R.C., Sulbaran Reyes, B.S. ‡, Sinha, S.*, Cooc, N. 2024. “Reef Survivor”: A new board game designed to teach college and university undergraduate students about reef ecology, evolution, and extinction. Journal of Geoscience Education. 72:1, 37-56,

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– Salgado Jauregui, E.*, Martindale, R.C., Ellins, K., Reyes, E., Weiss, A.M.*, 2022 Learning outcomes of the educational board game “Taphonomy: Dead and Fossilized”, evaluated with high school learners in a summertime program. Journal of Geoscience Education. 70:2, 176-194. doi: doi: 10.1080/10899995.2021.1965828

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*Both authors contributed equally to the paper

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