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Our research group focuses on determining how environmental conditions influence the evolution and extinction of marine invertebrate communities through the geological past.

Many projects are devoted to understanding the kill mechanisms that cause reef collapse and extinctions at carbon cycle perturbation events, and the critical factors that distinguish those major events from non-extinction C-cycle perturbations. The team is also interested in the (paleo)ecology of reef ecosystems, reef builders (e.g. corals, sponges, bivalves), and their symbionts, as well as the environmental ramifications of flood basalt eruptions. Several members of the research group are assessing the conditions that created marine Lagerstätten (exceptional fossil deposits), while others are focused on Geoscience Education (e.g., Virtual Field Trips and Gamification of teaching materials).


The Martindale Lab is dedicated to creating a positive, inclusive work environment and reject any form of discrimination.

Our group aims to create an environment that supports a range of thoughts, perspectives, and experiences, and that honors everyone’s true self. We want everyone in the lab to feel like they belong here! JSG has a statement of behavioral expectations that contains resources, reporting contacts, and definitions of discrimination, harassment, and bullying.


Contact Information

Phone: 512-475-6439
Office: JGB 3.216A
Lab: JGB 5.142
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