To start Landmark:
Type “startow” in any new terminal (no need to log in as a different user)
If you have trouble, see tech support to set your environmental variables in your login file

Steps by System Administrators to set up a new user for a project:

How to set up a new user in Landmark

  1. as user lm9oracl, /usr/local/landmark2/Openworks/bin/orauser and add new user as external; perhaps also admin capable?
  2. edit ~newuser/landmark/dir.dat to point to the known locations of existing landmark data (when user is joining an interp group as in this case)
  3. Project -> Project Admin -> Select Project, User -> Manager, add new user and give them “interpret” privileges.
  4. Project -> Interpreters. Create a new interpreter for the new user (ie. HNELSON). “Add them to the project”.

To log in to the UT Landmark from somewhere else: ssh