Tutorials and Technical Information

  • GeoFluids Educational Resources (GeoFluids login and password required)
  • Geotech Pedia: http://www.geotechpedia.com/Publication/
    • Category useful site that provides a collection and search engine for geotechnical eng. published papers, manuals, software and reports that are freely available on the net
  • Paradigm Training: https://paradigm.absorbtraining.com Paradigm offers training in the following programs for free to UT Austin students:
    • GeoLog
    • GeoDepth
    • SeisEarth
    • To access online courses send an email to (elearning-support@pdgm.com) with the following from your “utexas.edu” email address. Paradigm will send you a login name and password:
      – Full Name
      – Institution
      – University Email Address
      – Course you want to take
  • Printing, Copying, and Scanning
    • Installing a printer at JGB/EPS
    • Printing at UTIG – instructions from the sysadmins and driver downloads
      • Printer in UTIG suite 2.116: dell_2_116
      • Color Printer on UTIG 2nd floor: color_2_248 (Printer is located outside office 2.232)
      • Plotters: There is a 44″ plotter located on the 2nd and 3rd floor of UTIG. Click on the plotter name at the UTIG printing site for the status of a print job.
    • Printing From Landmark
      1. Screen capture from SeisWorks into Illustrator
      2. Print directly from Landmark using File -> Scaled Plot
      3. Here you have two options; 1) print to a plotter, either on the 2nd or 3rd floor or 2) print to a .cgm file.
      4. If you print to a .cgm from this option, you can not bring it into Illustrator (Illustrator does not accept cgm+ files) to manipulate it. UTIG does have a program from Larson that will do a format exchange (cgm+ -> pdf). Talk with UTIG tech support to access that program to convert your cgm+ file.
    • Printing From Geolog
      • You have two options when printing from Geolog. You can either 1) print to a file (.cgm), bring it into Illustrator to manipulate it and print it from that program, or 2) you can print your screen straight from Geolog to a printer (Layout -> Plot, then select the printer (hp2-116.plotter or hp2-116_scale.plotter). The “scale” option will scale the image to fit on an 8.5″x11″ piece of paper, the other option will print as you see it on the screen (see the grey box at the bottom of the Geolog screen to see how big your plot actually is (PLOT SIZE: 29.25 x 29.85 (CM)). It may print on multiple pages. You can choose between four printers/plotters
  • Running your Machine Remotely
  • Scientific Tutorials
  • Unix Commands