Non-Technical Information

For assistance with any matter related to your appointment and/or Human Resources, email UTIG’s Human Resources Coordinator at   or visit  UT’s website

A UT Electronic ID (UT EID) is an online account at The University of Texas at Austin. Anyone who manages personal online information with the university must have one.
An upgraded UT EID means that The University of Texas at Austin has seen physical proof of your identity (such as a driver’s license or passport) and that you have signed a form giving your UT EID legal signature authority.
For information on how to get a UT EID, find your existing UT EID, or manage your UT EID account, see UT EID Self-Service Tools.

UT Direct is a personalized, customizable web interface to the services at the University of Texas at Austin. It enables our constituents to become more efficient with University business and academics. It allows units on campus to give each individual information regarding their finances, library status, bar information, registration, classes, events happening around campus, and much more. UT Direct provides one-stop shopping for anyone with a UT Electronic ID (UT EID).
For information on how to access UT Direct:
Through UT Direct, you can access various appointment-related self-serve modules:
Verification of Employment
Paycheck Profile
Bank Information for non-payroll (e.g. reimbursements to you through UT)
Update and Restrict Directory Info
UT Parking and Transportation Portal (e.g. for accessing parking garage options)

UT Austin Jackson School of Geosciences Building
Office Location:  2305 Speedway, JGB building, Mail Stop C1160, Austin Tx  78712-1692
Mailing Address:  2275 Speedway, EPS Main, Mail Stop C9000, Austin Tx 78712-1722
Mailboxes for Flemings Non-Student staff: GEO Business Office, EPS 1.130
Mailboxes for Flemings Student staff: JGB 5.312
Peter Flemings: ,  JGB 5.318, 512-475-8738
Department Chair’s Office:  JGB 2.112, 512-471-5172  (also, reservations for Barrows Conf Rm JGB 4.102)
Dean’s Office:  JGB 6.218, 512-471-6048  (also, reservations for Conf Rm JGB 6.218A)
Holland Family Student Activity Center, JGB 2.102, 512-232-4545 (can rqst rsvtns for indoor or patio of Center)
Most used meeting spaces in JGB:    Barrows, JGB 4.102; Dean’s Conf Rm, JGB 6.218A; Student Ctr, JGB 2.102
JSG Business Office:  512-471-1672, EPS 1.130 (FAX: 512-471-5585)
JSG IT :    JSG IT Help Ticket

Nearest, most convenient point for (cabs, visitor drive-up): Winship Circle Drive
300 E 23rd St (circle drive in front of UT Winship Drama Building)
(also referred to as 23 San Jacinto Blvd & E 23rd St)

The University of Texas faculty and staff Directory –

The University’s collaborative email and calendar platform is Microsoft Outlook.
For general information on setting-up Outlook and the Office 365 application, visit UT Email Calendar and Collaboration
You may also submit a request for local IT assistance at   JSG IT Help Ticket

Once Outlook is set-up on your computer, you may request permission to view calendars of individuals (e.g. research collaborators, Flemings team members) as well as view Univeristy rooms available for reservations.
It is helpful to set-up your Outlook Calendar to view the reservations calendar for JGB 6.320C,  the Flemings Data Analysis Lab conference room which is reserved by Flemings Team for meetings and work sessions. It is equipped with a/v and webex meeting connectivity.

Adding the JGB 6.320 Calendar:

  1. On your Outlook Calendar, right click “Rooms” on the screen-left menu (expandable menu to the left of the calendar date)
  2. Select Add Calendar > From Room List
  3. Search for “JGB 6.320…”
  4. Double click the room, then click OK


UT mailing lists are searchable at this site:
This server is accessible via email address and assigned server password (as opposed to UT eid /pw); request a password:
The Flemings Group email aliases are listed below; to be added to a list, email Flemings’ Exec Asst.
Flemings Staff:
Flemings’ Geofluids Research Team:
Flemings’ Geomechanics Research Team:
Flemings’ Hydrates Research Team:
Flemings’ Shales Research Team:
UT and Tufts collaborative Geofluids Consortium team:
UT’s Hydrates Research Community:


The Flemings Group has Cisco Webex accounts for video & audio conferencing. Participants can join from any browser, device, or system, and can share their computer screen with other participants.   The Flemings Data Analysis Lab conference room, JGB 6.320C, is often reserved for Webex meetings that benefit from a shared projection screen.
Request webex meetings via email to Flemings Exec Asst or Project Manager to include:
-Subject line “Request for Webex Meeting”
-Mtg date, begin time, end time
-Mtg Title
-Names and email addresses of invited participants
-If needed, reservation request for room 6.320C
If you will be conducting a recurring Webex meeting, and/or regularly scheduling webex meetings, inquire about how to be set-up as an administrator to set-up your own Webex meetings.



  • UT GeoFluids – Specific  to the Flemings’ UT GeoFluids group, and the UT GeoFluids Consortium.
    Request edits to your profile, by email to Flemings’ Executive Assistant
  • JSG – Overview of all Jackson School programs.
    Jackson School website
    To make edits to your profile:  (using your UT eid & pw)
  • UTIG Website – if you are supported through a grant/fellowship via UTIG you will be listed as a student on the UTIG website
    To make edits to your UTIG profile, contact UTIG’s web manager  (, the Flemings Group utilizes Sharepoint for collaborative work within each of the research disciplines. For questions, and to request access, email the Project Manager.


  • Travel Funding: secure this at least 2 months prior to travel if at all possible
    • Students: Apply to The Jackson School for Professional Development Funds, through the Graduate School office.  The Jackson School provides professional development support: $1,500 for all M.S. students, $3,000 for all Ph.D. students.
    • If the conference you are attending offers travel support: apply for funds, and use these funds before using any  Flemings-authorized funds.
    • Send an email to Peter Flemings (cc Flemings’ Exec Asst) requesting funds to cover your travel.
      Include: dates, destination, conf/mtg title, capacity of your participation(e.g. presenting paper/incl title), estimated cost of (registration, airfare, and hotel).
      If request is approved,  EA will send you the appropriate account number to use in your travel authorization request form.
  • Conference/Meeting Registration.  As long as your attendance and expenditure has been approved by Dr. Flemings, an approved Travel Authorization (see next step) is usually not needed prior to conf/mtg registration (and the registration deadline is usually much earlier than it’s reasonable to process a Travel Authorization).
    If you have been authorized by Dr. Flemings for conference/meeting travel, you may check-out a UT Procard (UT credit card) to process your online registration so that you avoid incurring charges to your personal credit card.
    If your authorized account is a JSG-managed account: check-out the Procard from Geo Business Office (in EPS), with proof of your Flemings account authorization.
    If your authorized account is a UTIG-managed account: check-out a UT Procard (UT credit card) from Flemings’ Lab Director or EA.
  • Travel Authorization: submit this at least 1 month prior to travel if at all possible (note: the TAR must be approved prior to booking airline tickets).
    If you have been authorized for a JSG-managed account, you will submit your travel authztn rqst to Geo Business Office (EPS building); JSG Intranet
    If you have been provided a UTIG-managed account,  follow the procedure below (for help: email )

    • Go to Request Forms (link requires login to UT Direct)
    • Click_  Create  _next to Travel Authorization Request
    • Complete all required fields (indicated by *)
    • Complete non-required fields that seem relevant
      • Estimated costs
      • Account Description – nickname or some other reference
    • If desired, add Attachments to the request
      • Approval documentation
      • Reservation confirmation or preferred itinerary
      • Registration forms
    • Check Need Assistance if you would like the admin to make any arrangements for you
      • Lodging
      • Transportation (highly recommended that admin office process airline tickets for you so that charges are centrally-billed to the authorized UT account, avoiding any charges to your personal credit card, plus this avoids any issues with non-refundable tickets and liability)
      • Registration (note this has been addressed in previous step: Conference/Meeting Registration)
    • Add notes for anything you think the admin might need to know
      • Request Notes box under Request Information section
      • Travel Notes under Traveler Assistance Information
    • Assign to Group 00029 UTIG travel.   THIS IS A CRITICAL STEP so that your document routes to correct staff (UTIG Travel Desk Staff process all Flemings Research Group Travel Requests & Reimbursements).  If you do not assign to a group, your Travel Authorization Request will not be viewable to anyone but you, and will not forward to anyone from your desk.  Mark Add to Profile and Make Default to streamline future Travel Authorization Requests.

    Tip for working within UTIG travel form:

    • Your request history is available at Requests Home in UT Direct
    • You can see the history of the request routing under the History tab
    • For future trips, bookmark the Request Forms link, or use the UT Direct search function to find “Request Forms”





  • The purpose of this page is to feature content from all facets of our research. The objective is for the Flemings Research Team to fill the channel out with quality and engaging content.
  • If you have content you would like to add:
    • It is up to you to know if we can publicly share the content
    • Send the following to
      • Video
      • Description of the video (3-5 sentences). Make sure description is written for the masses. Keep it simple and succinct.
      • 4-7 tags to help your video be more searchable