How to Apply: Opportunities for Students

The Structural Diagenesis Initiative (SDI) supports students in the Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences and Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering, Cockrell School of Engineering as well as occasional students having other affiliations. The Energy & Earth Resources (EER) program, combining engineering, geoscience, and economics, is an important part of the structural diagenesis initiative. Jon E. Olson and Stephen E. Laubach serve on the EER faculty.

For more information contact a faculty or staff member from your department who is associated with SDI. Prospective students should consult the web sites of the Jackson School of Geosciences and Department of Petroleum and Geosystems Engineering.

M.S. student Maggie Ellis’ field area, Scotland

Many geoscience students working in the Structural Diagenesis Initiative are appointed to Graduate Research Assistantships in the Bureau of Economic Geology, a major research unit of the Jackson School of Geosciences. Graduate and undergraduate students are at the heart of the Jackson School of Geosciences and have been a very important element of the Bureau for nearly 30 years. Students work under the title of Graduate Research Assistants or GRA’s, and are an essential part of many research projects at the Bureau.

Bureau researchers are engaged with working with graduate students in a variety of ways: through the School’s Graduate Studies Committees–which enables them to be the primary supervisor of graduate students; co-supervising students with faculty members of the Department of Geological Sciences; serving on department graduate student committees; and adding their expertise to the Department’s curriculum through the co-teaching of classes.

The interplay of experienced researchers with these scientists-in-training is stimulating and productive, enabling students to gain experience that is not commonly part of a graduate school program. They bring skills and experiences that augment the technical capability of our research teams as well as enthusiasm and a fresh curiosity that is energizing to our staff.

GRA’s may either work on a project that is distinct from their thesis or dissertation, thus broadening their graduate school experience, or their thesis or dissertation may be intimately related to a particular project. Many graduates tell us that the experience they gained at the Bureau not only helped them get their first job after leaving UT, but the research assistantship taught them many skills that made the transition to the workplace an easy one.

SDI Student Research Opportunities

Support is available for student thesis projects in the Department of Geological Sciences, Department of Petroleum & Geosystems Engineering, and EER. Projects cover a wide range of issues in fractured rock geology and engineering and diagenesis, and include modeling, laboratory and subsurface and field-based studies and the practical and economic aspects of geoscience and engineering technology.

  • The Projects page lists some current project opportunities.
  • The Thesis and Dissertation page lists current and recently completed student and postdoctoral projects.

Project Faculty and Research Staff

A list of senior scientists associated with the initiative can be found on the project research collaborators page.

The following brief profiles outline research interests of some of the participants.

Stephen E. Laubach Structural geology/structural diagenesis BEG
Jon E. Olson Geomechanics/petroleum engineering PGE
Randall Marrett Structural geology/nonlinear dynamics DGS
Peter Eichhubl Geomechanics/geochemistry BEG
Julia F. W. Gale Structural geology/shale BEG
Andras Fall Fluid inclusions/geochemistry/experimental diagenesis BEG
Esti Ukar Structural geology/petrology/carbonates BEG
Maša Prodanović Flow modeling/petroleum engineering PGE
Sergey Fomel Geophysics BEG/DGS
Rob Lander Diagenetic modeling/structural diagenesis BEG/Geocosm
Linda Bonnell Diagenesis/basin modeling BEG/Geocosm

For more information, contact Steve Laubach, Jon Olson, Randy Marrett, or Peter Eichhubl.