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Challenge accepted: Land Rocks vs. Sea Rocks

I study what happens when Land Rocks break up and Sea Rocks get formed. Land Rocks and Sea Rocks make up the outer layer of the earth. Because they are light weight, Land Rocks usually make up the areas of Earth’s outer layer that are above the sea. Because they…

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Up Goer Five Challenge

As you’ve likely heard, many organizations and people around the country plan to participate in the March for Science on April 22nd (Earth Day). I’m not the “marcher”-type, but I’m predictably interested in communicating science and championing the importance of research, so I checked out the website. On it, the…

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This isn’t us

Thinking about it logically, I suppose it’s unsurprising that many people don’t trust science or scientists. The kind of scientific information that the general public is most commonly exposed to, while controversial to some people is often not very controversial to us. Evolution? Yes, that happens. Climate change? Also happening….

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