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ToScA Texas 2017

A confluence of ~ 70 geologists, anthropologists, biologists and material scientists descended upon Austin June 6-8th for the first ever ToScA (Tomography for Scientific Advancement) meeting in North America. This is a group who really likes to 3D print and make fancy rotating, reconstructed 3D videos for their powerpoint presentations. After two days looking…

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March for Science, Y’all!

This has been a very weird semester. As a fourth year PhD student, I have found myself running between class and my research on campus and the Capitol building 3 days a week for an internship in Senator Watson’s office, while almost accidentally falling into an organizational role for Austin…

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Challenge accepted: Survival lessons from ancient “building-animals”

Sometimes when the place an animal lives changes too much or too fast, all the animals die out. It’s important to study why this happens so we can stop this from happening today. By studying the bodies of animals that died many, many years ago, we can learn why this…

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