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The lost art of geopoetry

I used to like writing. Before I started graduate school at UT, I was actually enrolled in a part-time science writing graduate program at Johns Hopkins. I didn’t finish, but it was fun, taking classes at night and figuring out the best and most creative ways to write about science….

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Social media: changing the science communication landscape

Social media users reached 2.46 billion people globally in 2017. To put that in perspective, 2.46 billion is approximately 6 times the US population (324 million in 2017) and about a third of the global population (7.3 billion)! A recent social report based on close to 80,000 internet users worldwide…

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A study of caves and climate

When you hear someone talk about “caves,” you probably think of bats, darkness, claustrophobia, and deep passages below the very ground you are standing on. The last one is especially true if you’re in Texas! It turns out that the mineral properties of stalagmites from these environments can help unfold…

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