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Research in the Martindale Lab focuses primarily on determining how environmental conditions influenced the evolution and extinction of marine invertebrate communities in the geological past.

Many of our research projects are devoted to understanding the kill mechanisms that cause reef collapse and mass extinctions at major carbon cycle perturbation events, and the critical factors that distinguish those major events from non-extinction C-cycle perturbations. The research group is also interested in the paleoecology of reef ecosystems, the paleobiology of reef builders (e.g. corals) and their symbionts, and the environmental ramifications of flood basalt eruptions. Recently, our team has also begun research in a new avenue; assessing the community structure and environmental conditions of a new Jurassic marine Lagerst├Ątte deposit.

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Phone: 512-475-6439
Office: JGB 3.216A
Lab: JGB 5.142
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