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Rock moisture in the news: Press for our recent publication in Nature on plant use of bedrock water storage

Check out some of the recent press from McCormick et al., 2021!


A recent paper out of the Rempe lab, “Widespread use of bedrock water by woody plants across the continental U.S.” (McCormick et al., 2021) has been covered in several magazines over the past few months, including

Science & Vie Magazine (France): Les Arbres Boivent De L’eau Dans Les Roches (Dec 2021)

Scientific American: “Trees Drill into Deep Bedrock for Water Surprisingly Often” by By Tess Joosse (Dec 2021)

Eos: “Thirsty Plants Pull Water from Bedrock” by Katherine Kornei (Oct 2021)

UT News: “Water in Bedrock is Sustaining Trees Across Country” by Monica Kortsha (2021)

Simon Fraser News: “Could the Water in Bedrock Save our Forest Ecosystems from Climate Change?” *2021)

*Photo features co-author Jesse Hahm!

For more information regarding the paper, including data and code, check out this website.


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