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Rempe Group at GSA 2017, Seattle

The Rempe Group had a strong showing at the 2017 Geological Society of America (GSA) Annual Meeting in Seattle! Dr. Rempe and Alison presented results of their field work at the Eel River site in a session titled The Critical Zone as Heterogeneous Media: Implications for Physical, Chemical, and Biological Processes.  Neera and Caroline presented their research in a session honoring the distinguished career of Jackson School hydrogeologist Dr. Jack Sharp.

Neera Setlur presented the results of field work conducted during the 2017 summer Hydrogeology Field Camp in New Mexico.

Alison won an Outstanding Student Research Award! At top left is Dr. Jack Sharp, who we celebrated in a day-long session honoring his impacts on the field of hydrogeology.

Made it to Pike Place Market for snacks during the lunch break. 

Tour of an abandoned section of the Seattle underground in downtown!

C.C. Hackett, M.O. Gary, D.M. Rempe, 2017, Quantifying alluvium effects on karst aquifer recharge: shallow groundwater and surface water exchange in the upper Nueces River, Texas, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.

D.M. Rempe, J.L. Druhan, J.J. Wang, S. Cargill, C. Murphy, L.M. Schmidt, W.J. Hahm, K.L. Crutchfield-Peters, T.E. Dawson, W.E. Dietrich, 2017, Investigating coupled hydrologic and biogeochemical fluxes in the critical zone via distributed sensing and sampling in variably saturated, weathered bedrock, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting. 

N. Setlur, B. Valdez, A. De Luna, R. Craycroft, H. Houpt, D.M. Rempe, M.B. Cardenas, M.T. O’Connor, M.H. Kaufman, P.E. Carlson, S.B. Ferencz, R. Roback, G. Perkins, J.D. Gomez-Velez, 2017, Investigating morphological controls on hyporheic exchange in a meandering river,Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.

A.K. Tune, S. Cargil, C. Murphy, W.J. Hahm, W.E. Dietrich, D.M. Rempe, 2017, Preferential flow in the critical zone: direct observations of the spatial and temporal patterns of fluid composition in variably saturated weathered bedrock, Geological Society of America Annual Meeting.

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