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CZO Network visits Eel River CZO

September 2017

A. Tune

Dr. Daniella Rempe (UT Austin) describes results from geophysical surveys and rock moisture measurement campaigns to a group of visiting scientists from across the CZO network. Photo credit: Justin Richardson

One of the Rempe Research Group field sites, the Eel River CZO, had a number of visitors this September to view the collaborative research being done at field sites within the Angelo Coast Range Reserve. The group included researchers from the Critical Zone Observatory Network, the National Science Foundation, and other universities.

ERCZO PIs and collaborators gave great presentations on research being conducted to understand subsurface moisture storage, ecohydrology, weathering processes, biogeochemical cycling, salmanoid survival, and many more natural processes at this unique spot in Northern California.

Graduate student Jia Wang (UI Urbana -Champaign), research assistant Marshall Wolfe (ERCZO) and graduate student Alison Tune (UT Austin) sample Elder Creek as part of an ongoing sampling campaign at the Rivendell hillslope. Photo credit: Justin Richardson

Dr. Bill Dietrich (UC Berkeley) begins the field trip and describes the geologic setting for the next stops during a full day of touring the ERCZO. Photo credit: Justin Richardson


We had a great time talking science and envisioning future projects and questions building upon studies and data at the Eel. However, the trip wasn’t only for presentations. We also spent time collecting samples for ongoing data campaigns that monitor seasonal changes in the subsurface. All in all, a fun, whirlwind weekend at the Eel! A big thanks to all of the organizers, collaborators, and visitors who made it such a special few days.











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