UT Paleontology Seminar Series

All are welcome to attend the Subsurface, Surface & Life program’s weekly seminars on Paleontology.

These talks are on Thursdays at 11am CST. While normally held on campus, please acquire and use  a Zoom account during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The UT Paleontology seminars for 2020-2021 is managed by John Moretti and includes:


Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Location
Feb. 11
Brown University, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Diversity in Vegetation and Fire Responses after Pleistocene Megaherbivore Extinction Across the Eastern US.  Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Feb. 25
Matthew A. Brown
Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections, JSG
The early history of vertebrate paleontology in Texas (1850s-1940). Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Mar. 4 Jasmine Nelson

Jackson School of Geosciences (Clarke Lab)

Phylogenetic Proxies for Hearing in Extinct Reptiles. Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Mar. 11 Dr. Pamela R. Owen

Texas Memorial Museum

The role of paleontology for informal science programs and public outreach, Capromeryx, Slaughter Creek site Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Mar. 18 SPRING BREAK Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Mar. 25 Sinjini Sinha

Jackson School of Geosciences (Martindale Lab)

Early Jurassic Exceptional Preservation and Extinctions. Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Apr. 1 Simon Scarpetta

Jackson School of Geosciences (Bell Lab)

PhD Talk: Miocene Modernization of the North American Lizard Fauna. Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Apr. 8 Katelyn McDonough

Texas A&M University

Human Paleoecology in the High Desert: 12,000 Years of People-Plant Dynamics in Oregon. Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Apr. 15 Sarah N. Davis

Jackson School of Geosciences (Clarke Lab)

Estimating the Distribution of Carotenoid Coloration in Skin and Integumentary Structures of Birds and Extinct Dinosaurs. Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Apr. 22 Oona Takano

University of New Mexico

Late Pleistocene birds, Raptor evolution in North America, Fossil bird communities Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
Apr. 29 Dr. Daniel Stockli

Jackson School of Geosciences (UTChron)

Direct Dating of Fossils by Calcite U-Pb Geochronology and the Impact on Chronostratigraphy. Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)
May 6 Dr. Melissa Kemp

Integrative Biology

Conservation paleobiology, Evolutionary ecology, Island biogeography, Ancient DNA Zoom (contact jamoretti@utexas.edu)