Soft Rock Seminar Series

All are welcome to attend the Subsurface, Surface & Life program’s weekly seminars, Soft Rocks.

These talks are on Mondays at 12pm CST.

The Soft Rock seminars for 2021-2022 is managed by Kristina Butler and Zach Foster-Baril and includes:

Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Location
Aug 30 Zach Sickmann (UTIG) Accelerating sand mining for Bangladesh development threatens the sand chars of the Ganges
Abstract: Historical satellite imagery shows an expansion of sand mining in the Ganges River in Bangladesh in response to rapid domestic development and urbanization. Novel methods to monitor in-stream extractions by modeling capacity and turnover of sand stockpiles suggests sand extraction rates have increased over the past 10 years, from <3 million m3 in 2010 to approximately 51 million m3 in 2020; equaling or exceeding the river’s natural sand load. Increased sand extraction is captured in domestic cement production data, but was not foreseen in projections on non-metal mineral extraction. Mining estimates combined with a resource equation for sand extraction in active sediment transfer zones suggest that current extraction rates already endanger communities that rely on Ganges riverine environments. If continued at current or increased levels, sand mining will remove or remobilize all of the sand in the lower Ganges’ active channel belt within the next 40 – 230 years.