LDE Seminar Series

All are welcome to attend the Lithosphere & Deep Earth program’s weekly seminars.

These talks are on Wednesdays at 12pm CST. While normally held on campus, please acquire and use a Zoom account during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The LDE seminars for 2020-2021 are managed by Megan E Flansburg  and Catherine H Ross and include:

Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Location
Sept. 2 Cara Burberry

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Using penetrative strain to resolve the “missing shortening” problem: insights from analog models, fieldwork and thin section petrography Zoom link
Sept. 9 Daniel Trugman


What can small earthquakes tell us about large earthquake ruptures? Insights from the July 2019 Ridgecrest, CA sequence Zoom link
Sept. 16 Daniela Rubatto

University of Bern

Diachroneity and fluid mobility within a subduction system: the example for the Alps Zoom link
Sept. 23 Noah Philips

Texas A&M University

The source of shallow slow earthquake phenomena: Insights from field observations and experiments on an exhumed subduction mélange Zoom link
Sept. 30 Meghan Guild


Petrogenesis of the Higashi-Akaishi Ultramafic Body: Implications for lower crustal foundering, mantle wedge processes, and hydrous mineral stability Zoom link
Oct. 7 Darin Schwartz

Boise State University

Using double-spike corrected Pb isotope measurements of Galápagos basalts to constrain the relations between geochemical domains in the mantle Zoom link
Oct. 14 Alexis Ault

Utah State University

Earthquakes and slow slip documented with hematite microstructures and fault rock thermochronometry Zoom link
Oct. 21 GSA Practice Talks Email for slot Zoom link
Oct. 28 Dominik Kardell


The evolution of South Atlantic oceanic crust: Insights from seismic velocities and hydrothermal models Zoom link
Nov. 4 Kennet Flores

CUNY, Brooklyn College

Record of fluid-rock interaction on a long-lived subduction channel Zoom link
Nov. 11 Elisa Fitz Diaz


Talk title coming soon Zoom link
Nov. 18 Aaron Marshall

Boise State Univ.

Talk title coming soon Zoom link
Dec. 2 AGU Practice Talks Email for slot Zoom link