LDE Seminar Series

All are welcome to attend the Lithosphere & Deep Earth program’s weekly seminars.

These talks are on Wednesdays at 12pm CST.

The LDE seminars for 2022-2023 are managed by Nick Meszaros and George Segee-Wright

Please see below for the schedule this semester.

Jan. 11No-LDE
Jan. 18Drew LevyThe role of metamorphism in Cordilleran metamorphic core complex developmentBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Jan. 25Laurent Jolivet ( Sorbonne Université)Hot vs cold Mediterranean MCCs and syn-kinematic granite emplacementVirtual
Feb. 1
Feb. 8Jim GardnerInside the World’s Deadliest Hazard: Investigating the dynamics of pyroclastic flows from the damage they leave behindBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Feb. 15Ibrahim ÇemenNeotectonics and earthquake potential of the north and east Anatolian fault zones in Turkey: Were the recent Turkish earthquakes unexpected?Virtual
Feb. 22Liannie Velazquez SantanaCharacterizing the magmatic and crustal components of Central Andean monogenetic volcanic centersBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Mar. 1Véronique Le Roux (WHOI)Water in the Earth’s mantle: story from the ocean’s abyssVirtual
Mar. 8Nick Meszaros (PhD Talk)Barrow (JGB 4.102)
Mar. 15No LDE- Spring Break
Mar. 22Ben Urann (University of Wyoming)Barrow (JGB 4.102)
Apr. 5Wade AubinBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Apr. 12Chujie Liu (PhD Talk)Barrow (JGB 4.102)
Apr. 19Stephanie Forstner (PhD Talk)Barrow (JGB 4.102)
Apr. 26Rodrigo Correa (PhD Talk)Barrow (JGB 4.102)
May 3No LDE