LDE Seminar Series

All are welcome to attend the Lithosphere & Deep Earth program’s weekly seminars.

These talks are on Wednesdays at 12pm CST.

The LDE seminars for 2022-2023 are managed by Nick Meszaros and George Segee-Wright

Please see below for the schedule this semester.

Aug. 24No Speaker
Aug. 31Rich KetchamFission track etching, thermal history, and crystal euhedrality: various quantificationsBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Sept. 7Rich KetchamThermal history inversion from thermochronometric data and complementary information: a review, what’s new, and applications from Argentina to the Great UnconformityBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Sept. 14Romano Clementucci (Roma TRE University)Topographic rejuvenation of a slow tectonic setting: Insights from the Anti-Atlas and the Siroua Massif (Morocco)Virtual
Sept. 21Pat DickersonMarathon/Solitario Fold-Thrust Belt, West Texas– Geo-Repository for >1 Ga of Supercontinent Interactions: New U/Pb Zircon Data Refine TimingBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Sept. 28David Goldsby (University of Pennsylvania) The Rheological Behavior of Ice: From Plasticity to Diffusion CreepBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Oct. 5GSA Practice TalksBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Oct. 12No LDE – GSA
Oct. 19No LDE
Oct. 26Ethan ConradInvestigating the structural and morphological evolution of transpressional systems with erosion-tectonic sandbox experimentsBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Nov. 2Naoma McCall (PhD Talk)Geophysical insights of the crater subsurface at the Chicxulub and Ries impact cratersBarrow (JGB 4.102)
Nov. 9Justine Grabiec (USC)Pluton crystallization in the Sierra Nevada: relationships between silicate melt, crystals, and fluids in a continental arc settingVirtual
Nov. 16Simone PuelInference of material heterogeneity and its importance for coseismic slip estimatesVirtual
Nov. 23No LDE – Thanksgiving
Nov. 30Elizabeth CatlosAftershock: New insights into the dynamics of Himalayan orogenesis provided by the 25 April 2015 earthquake of Nepal (Mw 7.9)Barrow (JGB 4.102)
Dec. 7AGU practice talksBarrow (JGB 4.102)