SD Field Symposium

Structural Diagenesis Field Symposium

Held as time and support permit, and supported by grants from a private foundation, the Structural  Diagenesis Field Symposium brings together a small group of key scientists in the area of fracture  and diagenesis research to discuss cutting edge research issues on the outcrop.

The aim is to support  cross-disciplinary scientific dialog on problems having an important societal impact. Participants include  select scientists from industry, from The University of Texas at Austin and from other institutions, and a  small group of outstanding students holding Field Symposium Fellowships.

The 2007 symposium, organized by Jon  Olson, was held in NW Scotland. A future symposium is being organized by Randy Marrett, and will be held in NW  Argentina.

Contact Steve Laubach for information.

Field Symposium, 2014 – Utah

Contact Peter Eichhubl for more information.

Field Symposium, 2007 – Scotland