Distinguished Lecture Tours

The appointment of Robert H. Lander as an AAPG Distinguished Lecturer for 2015-2016 marks an unprecedented eight distinguished lecture tours by SDI project scientists that have been sponsored by a professional society–and 9 lecture tours overall–since initiation of the project.

Oklahoma Lecture Tour

The AAPG Distinguished Lecture Program began in 1941 and is the American Association of Petroleum Geologist’s oldest and most prestigious program. Speakers are selected by AAPG’s Distinguished Lecture Committee.

Each year, the Society of Petroleum Engineers selects experts for their respected world-wide lecture tour program. The speakers are nominated by their peers, and reviewed and selected by the SPE Distinguished Lecturer Committee.

SDI speakers have delivered almost 200 lectures around the world promoting initiative concepts.

Scientific Society Lecture Tours

Model the Rock!
Robert H. Lander
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 2015-2016

Hydraulic Fracture Complexity: Insights From Geology, Modeling, and Physical Experiments
Jon. E. Olson
SPE Distinguished Lecturer 2014-2015

Natural Fractures in Shale Hydrocarbon Reservoirs
Julia F. W. Gale
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 2013-2014

Structural Diagenesis, Resource Plays, The Highlands of Scotland and Curriculum Development
Stephen E. Laubach
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 2011-2012

Fractured Reservoir Characterization: From Diagenesis and Fracture Mechanics to Reservoir Permeability
Jon. E. Olson
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 2007-2008

Linked Mechanical and Chemical Processes in the Diagenesis of Sandstones
Kitty L. Milliken
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 2005-2006

Reservoir Quality Prediction in Deep Water to Tight Gas Sandstones Using a Process/Stochastic Modeling Approach
Linda M. Bonnell
AAPG Distinguished Lecturer 2003-2004

Fractures in Reservoirs: Prediction, Characterization, and Incorporation in Fluid-Flow Simulation
Stephen E. Laubach
SPE Distinguished Lecturer 2003-2004

Other Lecture Tours

Structural Diagenesis: An Integrated Investigative Approach to Coupled Chemical and Mechanical Processes in Sedimentary Systems

Applications of Structural Diagenesis to Predicting and Assessing Reservoir Quality in Unconventional and Fractured Reservoirs
Stephen E. Laubach
Bureau of Economic Geology Centennial Distinguished Lecturer 2009-2010

Basic Energy Sciences Award

Award-Winning Science

Predicting Fracture Porosity in Sandstone
Robert H. Lander with S. E. Laubach
Outstanding Contributions in Geoscience Research–Best University Research, U.S. Department of Energy Symposium Flow and Transport: from Pore to Reservoir Scales 2004

Key elements of this research were published in:

Lander R.H., and Laubach, S.E., 2015, Insights into rates of fracture growth and sealing from a model for quartz cementation in fractured sandstones. Geological Society of America Bulletin, v. 127, no. 3-4, p. 516-538. doi: 10.1130/B31092.1 (published online October 2014) | view

For copies of the slides for these talks contact Steve Laubach.

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