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DeFord Lecture Series

DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule

The DeFord (Technical Sessions) lecture series has been a requirement and a tradition for all graduate students since the late 1940s. Once the official venue for disseminating DGS graduate student research, the DeFord Lecture series is now the forum for lectures by distinguished visitors and members of our community. Faculty and researchers from the Jackson School have invited prestigious researchers from around the world to present a lecture in this series. This is made possible only through a series of endowments.

The list below shows all the scheduled talks this semester. If you would like to meet with any of the speakers, please contact them or their hosts directly.

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DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule Spring 2020

Coronavirus update: Based on guidance from UT Austin, most of these talks will change to online, virtual seminars.
Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Hosts (if applicable) Lectureship (if applicable)
Apr. 28 Peng Ni

Carnegie Institution

Understanding planetary evolution in the early Solar System via non-traditional isotopes

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Kinetic copper isotope fractionation during diffusion processes. In terrestrial processes such as tektite formation and planetary processes such as volcanic eruption on lunar surface, copper behaves as a moderately volatile element and can be lost into the vapor phase during evaporation. Its isotopes are fractionated in this process and part of the fractionation could be due to copper diffusion.

Apr. 30 Shuo Ding

Columbia University

Sulfur extraction during decompression melting of a heterogeneous mantle

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Geochemistry behavior of volatiles (S, H2O, CO2, and halogens) and other trace elements from the planetary interior to the surface, and the potential impacts of magmatic volatiles on the evolution of the surface environment; high-pressure experiments and analytical geochemistry.