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DeFord Lecture Series

DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule Spring 2017

The DeFord (Technical Sessions) lecture series has been a requirement and a tradition for all graduate students since the late 1940s. Once the official venue for disseminating DGS graduate student research, the DeFord Lecture series is now the forum for lectures by distinguished visitors and members of our community. Faculty and researchers from the Jackson School have invited prestigious researchers from around the world to present a lecture in this series. This is made possible only through a series of endowments.

The list below shows all scheduled talks this semester. If you would like to meet with any of the speakers, please contact them or their hosts directly.

Talks are given from 4-5PM in JGB 2.324 (Boyd Auditorium) with cookies and coffee provided at 3:30PM.

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Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Hosts (if applicable) Lectureship (if applicable)
Apr. 25 DGS Award ceremony  
Apr. 27 Clark Johnson

University of Wisconsin-Madison

New ways of looking at old rocks: Chronology of the redox evolution of the Earth in the Archean to Paleoproterozoic

Application of stable and radiogenic isotopes to study of ancient life and crust and mantle evolution

 Jay Banner  N/A
May. 4 John Hutchinson

Royal Veterinary College, London

The evolutionary struggles of giant land animals against gravity

Extant and extinct animals ranging from birds and crocodiles to elephants and many other mammals as well as extinct dinosaurs and early tetrapods; uses a combination of theoretical and experimental techniques

 Julia Clarke Clara Jones Langston Centennial Lectureship in Vertebrate Paleontology

DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule Fall 2017

Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Hosts (if applicable) Lectureship (if applicable)
Aug. 31  Whitney Behr

UT Austin

Mechanics and kinematics of deformation at plate boundaries, wide range of spatial and temporal scales. Geomorphic expression of young, active faults, and remnants of deep-seated ductile shear zones exhumed from greater depth  N/A N/A
Sept. 14 Steve Jacobsen

Northwestern University

Interdisciplinary capabilities to work on deep-Earth questions with seismologists, mineral physicists, petrologists, geochemists; Earth’s Deep Water Cycle Afu Lin The Judd H. and Cynthia S. Oualline Distinguished Centennial Lecturer
Sept. 21 Frederik Simons


Leader in the application of geophysical and mathematical methods to the study of earth dynamics working on fields from seismology to global change and glaciology Thorsten Becker The Edwin Allday Lectureship
Sept. 28 Mark Richards

UC Berkeley

Mantle convection and large-scale dynamics of the Earth’s interior; Internal dynamics of Venus, Mars, and the Moon; Rotational dynamics and gravity fields of the terrestrial planets; History and dynamics of global plate motions; Geological causes of mass extinction John Lassiter The Virgil E. and Mildred L. Barnes Distinguished Lecturer in Geology
 Oct. 12  David Gochis

National Center for Atmospheric Research

Responsible for the development of the National Water Model that forecasts river flows for 2.67 million rivers across the continental United States. A great speaker and an expert in hydrological science, atmospheric sciences, and environmental science.  Liang Yang The Judd H. and Cynthia S. Oualline Distinguished Centennial Lecturer
Nov. 2 Brian Schubert

University of Louisiana Lafayette

Plants and their remains as records of climate; high latitude forests in the Eocene; experiments on how plants respond to changes in atmospheric composition; climate, hydrology and geobiology. Dan Breecker N/A
Nov. 9 Hrvoje Measki

University of Zagreb, Croatia

Karst geomorphological characteristics, general development of karst areas in Croatia with emphasis on the Dinarides; overview of the present state of karst aquifers in Croatia Masa Prodanovic and Jack Sharp The Fred L. and Frances J. Oliver Lectureship in Texas Hydrology and Water Resources
Nov. 16 Kathryn Stack Morgan


One of the lead scientists for operation of the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Curiosity rover; Mars sedimentology. Tim Goudge The Judd H. and Cynthia S. Oualline Centennial Lectureship in Geological Sciences
Nov. 30 Claudio Faccenna

Universita di Roma TRE

Geologist with strong geodynamics skills, expert on central Mediterranean, orogeny, and links between mantle convection and surface deformation; dynamic topography; subduction Thorsten Becker  The Edwin Allday Lectureship

DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule Spring 2018

Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Hosts (if applicable) Lectureship (if applicable)
Jan. 25 Maureen Long


Structural seismologist and geodynamicist Thorsten Becker The Edwin Allday Lectureship
Feb. 1 Kate Huntington

University of Washington

tectonics, climate, and erosion; tectonic geomorphology; paleoclimate to geochemistry. Also will present a summary of recent town hall meetings on the “Future Direction in Tectonics”. Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati and David Mohrig The Robert H. Cuyler Endowed Lecture Series
Mar. 1 Giulio Di Toro

University of Manchester

Earthquake mechanics; is the mind behind the most powerful and versatile rotary shear machine worldwide: SHIVA that is used to study friction in rocks Nicola Tisato The Robert H. Cuyler Endowed Lecture Series
 Mar. 8  Yajing Liu

McGill University

Fault mechanics, stress and strain accumulation in the seismic cycle, and fault slip behaviors such as slow-slip events. Developed numerical methods for modeling seismic-cycle and slow-slip event development over tectonic timescales, as well as to address EQ triggering by fluid injection  James Biemiller, Dennis Tong, and Luc Lavier  N/A