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DeFord Lecture Series

DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule

The DeFord (Technical Sessions) lecture series has been a requirement and a tradition for all graduate students since the late 1940s. Once the official venue for disseminating DGS graduate student research, the DeFord Lecture series is now the forum for lectures by distinguished visitors and members of our community. Faculty and researchers from the Jackson School have invited prestigious researchers from around the world to present a lecture in this series. This is made possible only through a series of endowments.

The list below shows all scheduled talks this semester. If you would like to meet with any of the speakers, please contact them or their hosts directly.

Talks are given from 4-4:50PM in JGB 2.324 (Boyd Auditorium) with cookies and coffee provided around 3:30 PM.

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DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule Spring 2018

Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Hosts (if applicable) Lectureship (if applicable)
April 26 Randy Koster


SMAP: A Hydrologist Goes Crazy with a New High-Quality Dataset

Large-scale land surface modeling; Effects of land surface processes on climate variability and subseasonal prediction

 Zong-Liang Yang  The Judd H. and Cynthia S. Oualline Centennial Lectureship in Geological Sciences
May 1 Jane Willenbring

Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego


The Null Hypothesis: steady rates of erosion, weathering and sediment accumulation during Late Cenozoic mountain uplift and glaciation

Understanding the evolution of the Earth’s surface – especially how landscapes are affected by tectonics, climate change, and life

Joel Johnson and Wonsuck Kim N/A
May 3  W. Ashley Griffith

Ohio State University

 Structural geology and geomechanics, with an emphasis on the behavior of fractures in the earth’s crust.  Nicola Tisato  N/A

DeFord Lecture Series Speaker Schedule Fall 2018

Date Speaker/Affiliation Field/Title Hosts (if applicable) Lectureship (if applicable)
Sept. 13 Amanda Thomas

University of Oregon

Seismology, fault mechanics Thorsten Becker N/A
Sept. 27 Yajing Liu

McGill University, Canada

Fault mechanical behavior and strength evolution in relation to a range of lithospheric deformation modes Luc Lavier, James Biemiller, Dennis Tong N/A
Oct. 4 Pedro Di Nezio

UT Austin, UTIG

Climate dynamics, prediction, impacts Ginny Catania, Terry Quinn N/A
Oct. 18 Andrea Dutton

University of Florida

Carbonate geochemistry, sedimentology, paleoclimate, and paleoceanography Charlie Kerans N/A
Nov. 29 Matthew Collins

University of York, United Kingdom

Research focus on old proteins; identification of sample by differences in protein sequence,  date samples by the extent of protein degradation; understand pathways of decay in archaeological materials Keenan Early

Tim Shanahan

Clara Jones Langston Centennial Lecturer in Vertebrate Paleontology