Faculty                                                                                              Research Staff

Daniel Stockli, Professor                                                                    Des Patterson, He Lab

Rudra Chatterjee, He Lab

Lisa Stockli, LA-ICP-MS


Current Postdoctoral Scholars (alphabetically)

Foster Baril, Zachary

Levy, Drew

Mueller, Megan


Current Graduate Students (alphabetically)

Ehrenfels, Maximilian – Ph.D. (expected 2025, UT). Thesis: “Extracting thermal histories from in-situ zircon (U-Th)/He and 3He/4He depth-profile thermochronometry”

Juaraz Zuñiga, Sandra – Ph.D. (expected 2025, UT). Thesis: “Interaction of Late Paleozoic Ancestral Rocky Mountain and Marathon-Ouachita tectonics – Insights from detrital geo- and thermochronometric provenance records in southwestern Laurentia”

Ruiz Arriaga, Daniel – Ph.D. (expected 2024, UT). Thesis: “The role of Jurassic rift inheritance on shortening in the Mexican Fold and Thrust Belt, Southern and Eastern Mexico”

Turek, Sage – Ph.D. (expected 2027, UT). Thesis: “Subduction underplating and petrochronology of the Cycladic High-Pressure subduction complex in the NW Cyclades (Evia and Andros) ”

Abdulqader, Leena – M.S. (expected 2026, UT). Thesis: “Dike emplacement and mineralizations during the transition from compression to post-orogenic extension in the northern East African Orogen, Jordan “. Al Masri Fellow

Former Graduate Students (chronologically)

54. Ascanio-Pellon, Patricia – M.S. (2023, UT). Thesis: “Detrital zircon provenance of Jurassic strata in W Cuba and implications for Caribbean tectonics”. Now exploration geologist with ExxonMobil Houston

53. Gutierrez, Gabriela – Ph.D. (2023, UT). Thesis: “Variations in source to sink dynamics of the Gulf of Mexico during the Pleistocene and Holocene” (co-advised with J. Covault). Now exploration geologist with EOG Midland Texas

52. Foster-Baril, Zachary – Ph.D., (2022, UT). Thesis: “Triassic and Jurassic Rift Basin Records of Continental Breakup along the Eastern North American Margin, U.S.A.” Now Postdoctoral Research at Columbia University and University of Texas.

51. Emily Hinshaw  – M.S. (2022, UT). Thesis: “Tectonic exhumation of the Mount Ossa-Pelion blueschist terrane, north-central Greece”. Now Ph.D. student at ETH Zurich, Switzerland

50. Cullen Kortyna  – Ph.D. (2022, UT). Thesis: “Tectonic controls on sediment generation and transfer from the southwestern USA Laramide hinterland to the northwestern Gulf of Mexico” (co-advised with J. Covault). Now Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Connecticut

49. Eirini Poulaki – Ph.D. (2022, UT). Thesis: “Petrochronological and structural reconstruction of the life cycle of Mediterranean-style subduction zones”. Now Assistant Professor at the University of Miami

48. Megan Flasburg – Ph.D. (2022, UT). Thesis: “Temporal differentiation of polyphase ductile fabrics in metamorphic core complexes by structurally integrated U-Pb and (U-Th)/He dating (Southern Cyclades, Greece and Southern Basin and Range, USA)”. Now Assistant Professor at Oberlin College

47. Catherine Ross – Ph.D. (2022, UT). Thesis: “Impact Crater Geo- And Thermo-Chronology And K-Pg Boundary Deposit Provenance” (co-advised with S. Gulick). Now Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice at University of Texas at Austin

46. Samuel Robbins – M.S. (2021, UT). Thesis: “Thermal evolution of the distal and proximal hyperextended Egyptian Red Sea margin”

45. Kelly Thomson – Ph.D. (2020, UT). Thesis: “Intra-unit variability and mixing of detrital zircon provenance studies in the modern and deep time”. Now scientist at UGSG Denver

44. Clara, Brennan – M.S. (2019, UT). Thesis: “In-situ laser ablation and step-heating 4He/3He thermal history recovery”. Now a Ph.D. student at Central Michigan University

43. Alissa Kotowksi – Ph.D. (2019, UT). Thesis: “Structural, thermal, and rheological evolution during prograde metamorphism in the subduction channel – a field-oriented study in Syros, Greece” (co-advised with W. Behr). Now Professor at University of Utrecht.

42. Margo Odlum – Ph.D. (2019, UT). Thesis: “Thermo-tectonic record of hyperextension, structural inversion, and foreland basin evolution of the eastern and central Pyrenees”. Now Assistant Professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego

41. Megan Flasburg – M.S. (2018, UT). Thesis: “Tectono-magmatic evolution of the Cycladic Basement, Ios Island (Greece)”. Now Visiting Professor at Oberlin College

40. Eirini Poulaki– M.S. (2018, UT). Thesis: “Tectonic evolution of the Cycladic Blueschist Unit – Basement contact in Sikinos, Greece” Now Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Washington/UNLV

39. Douglas Barber – Ph.D. (2018, UT). Thesis: “Tectonic and sediment provenance evolution of the NW Zagros in Kurdistan (Iraq) and SE Turkey”. Now Geologist with Chevron in Houston TX

38. Adam Goldsmith – Ph.D. (2018, UT). Thesis: “Influence of radiation damage on helium diffusion in zircon and its application to detrital thermochronometry”. Now Technical Specialist with Applied Spectra

37. John Lee – Ph.D. (2018, KU). Thesis: “Cenozoic erosion history and long-term landscape evolution of the central Sierra Nevada, California”. (co-advised with J.D. Walker at KU).

36. Edgardo Josue Pujols – Ph.D. (2017, UT). Thesis: “Reconstruction of the interplay between the Sevier fold-and-thrust belt and the Sevier foreland basin, central Utah”. Now Associate Professor at Lamar University in Beaumont Texas

35. Emily Cooperdock (Hernandez-Goldstein) – Ph.D. (2017, UT). Thesis: “Development of magnetite (U-Th)/He dating of serpentinites and its application of hyper-extended continental margins”. Now Assistant Professor at Brown University

34. Steffi Wafforn – Ph.D. (2017, UT). Thesis: “Temporal and thermal evolution of the Grasberg Gold District of West Papua, Indonesia” (co-advised with M. Cloos). Now Exploration Geologist at Pretium, Canada

33. Patrick Body – M.S. (2017). Thesis: “Thermal evolution of the lower crust during continental rifting and breakup”. Now Geologist with BP in Houston TX

32. Cody Colleps – M.S. (2016, UT). Thesis: “Integrated structural and stratigraphic study of the frontal Himalayas in NW India”. Now Postdoc at University of Potsdam, Germany.

31. Kelly Thomson – M.S. (2016, UT). Thesis: “Detrital U-Pb-He provenance investigation of the Ainsa Basin, Southern Pyrenees”. Scientist with USGS Denver

30. Mike Prior – Ph.D. (2016, UT). Thesis: “Tectonic and thermal evolution of the Bullfrog Metamorphic Core Complex, Nevada”. Now Research Scientist Associate and Laboratory Manager UTChron University of Texas at Austin.

29. Spencer Seman – Ph.D. (2016, UT). Thesis: “Novel geo-and thermochronometric and petrologic insights into the evolution of HP rocks in the central Aegean, Greece”. Now Senior Research Scientist at McCrone Associates

28. Renas Mohammed Koshnaw – Ph.D. (2016, UT). Thesis: “The Zagros fold-and-thrust belt and foreland basin of Kurdistan (Iraq)” (co-advised with B. Horton). Now Humboldt postdoctoral scholar at Univ of Goettingen, Germany

27. Nikki Seymour – M.S. (2015, UT). Thesis: “Lower-crustal syn-rift exhumation at a hyper-extended continental margin – a case study in NE Corsica, France”. Now Assistant Professor at Occidental College

26. Daniel Arnost – M.S. (2015, UT). Thesis: “Impact of meteoric fluid flow on the long-term thermal evolution – insights from Alpine tunnels studies.”

25. Alison MacNamee – M.S. (2014, UT). Thesis: “Coupled Thermochronometric and Geochemical Investigation of Blind Geothermal Resources in Fault-Controlled Dilational Corners, Dixie Valley, Nevada.” Now a Geoscientist at Hess Corporation, Houston TX

24. Micheal Cloos – M.S. (2014, UT). Thesis: “Sedimentary and provenance evolution of the Plio-Pleistocene Colorado River Delta, California” (co-advised with R. Steel). Now Geophysicist at DownUnder GeoSolutions

23. Chris Hager – Ph.D. (2014, KU). Thesis: “Structural Geology and Neotectonics of the Xianza Rift, Central Tibet”. Now a Petroleum Geologist with Chevron in San Francisco CA

22. Yomayra Roman – M.S. (2014, UPRM). Thesis: “Thermochronometric insights into the tectonic and thermal evolution of Puerto Rico” (co-advised with A. Covise at UPRM)

21. Tim Shin – M.S. (2014, UT). Thesis: “Contractional and extensional evolution of the Aegean tectono-metamorphic complex in Andros and Tinos islands, Greece.”. Now a Geologist with TOTAL in Houston TX

20. Tandis Bidgoli – Ph.D. (2014, KU). Thesis: “Temporal and kinematic reconstruction of middle Miocene extension and transition to Mio-Pliocene transtension in the Las Vegas area.” (co-advised with J.D. Walker at KU). Now Assistant Professor at CSU San Bernardino.

19. Nicole Hart – M.S. (2014, UT). Thesis: “Coupled bedrock and detrital thermochronometry of a hyper-extended continental margin, Mauleon, Pyrenees.” Now Ph.D. student at the University of Nevada at Reno.

18. Caleb Rhatigan – M.S. (2013, UT). Thesis: Thermochronometric investigation of the Paleozoic stratigraphic and thermal evolution of the Western Desert, Egypt”.

17. Eugene Szemanski – Ph.D. (2013, KU). Thesis: “Structural and sedimentological evolution of the Wadi Al-Hamd half-graben, Medina, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. Now Senior Geologist with Utah Geological Survey, previously Geologist with Chevron in Houston TX

16. Joshua Burrus – M.S (2013, UT). Thesis: “Integrated footwall and hanging wall tectonics and stratigraphic evolution of the Weepah Metamorphic Core Complex, Nevada.” Now Senior Geologist with Matador Resources Company, previously with Apache Corporation in Midland TX

15. Jordan Leigh Taylor – M.S. (2012, KU). Thesis: “Magnetite (U-Th-[Sm])/He geochronology of Colombia River Basalts”.

14. Joseph Miller – M.S. (2012, KU). Thesis: “Detrital (U-Th)/He and U-Pb dating of the northern Alpine Flysch and Molasse, central Switzerland”. Now a Geologist with CDM Smith in Denver, CO

13. Evan Bargnesi – M.S. (2011, KU). Thesis: “Thermochronometric constraints on detrital provenance and source thermal evolution from a supra-detachment basin in Paros, Greece.” Now Associate Science Center Director for the Geology, Energy & Minerals (GEM) Science Center, previously with Exploration for California Resources Corporation and Occidental Petroleum in Bakersfield, CA.

12. Edgardo Pujols – M.S. (2011, KU). Thesis: “Structural evolution and timing of extensional faulting in the central Gulf of Suez, Egypt.” Now Associate Professor at Lamar University in Beaumont Texas

11. Kyle Gorynski – M.S. (2011, KU). Thesis: “Thermochronometric Constraints on the Longevity of a Geothermal System in an Extensional Tectonic Setting”. Now Vice President of Reservoir Characterization & Business Development at Civitas Resources.

10. Sarah Evans – M.S. (2011, KU). Thesis: “Tectonic evolution of a Tethyan rift marine and ocean-continent transition in the Eastern Alps – An integrated magnetite and zircon (U-Th)/He thermochronometric approach”. Ph.D. UNLV; Now at ExxonMobil in Houston TX

9. Kurt Sundell – M.S. (2011, KU). Thesis: “Thermochronology of the Lunggar active metamorphic core complex, Tibet”. Now Assistant Professor at Idaho State University, previous Postdoc at Univ of Arizona LaserChron Lab

8. Melissa Wolfe – M.S. (2009, KU). Thesis: “He Diffusion in Rutile and Calibration of Rutile (U-Th)/He Thermochronology on the KTB Ultra-Deep Borehole”.

7. Markella Hoffman – M.S. (2009, KU). Thesis: “Incision and exhumation history of the Colorado Plateau in the Canyonlands to Book Cliffs Region, Utah”. Now with ExxonMobil in Houston TX

6. Travis Glauser – M.S. (2009, KU). Thesis: “Thermochronometric investigation of multiple unconformities and post-depositional thermal history of a fault block in the northern Western Desert, Egypt”. Now Geologist at Chesapeake Energy

5. John Lee M.S. (2007, KU). Thesis: “Thermochronometric constraints on the incision history of the Grand Canyon from borehole and surface samples”.

4. Terrence Blackburn M.S. (2006, KU). Thesis: “(U-Th)/He Dating of Xenoliths from Kimberlites and basaltic volcanic fields”. Now an Associate Professor at UC Santa Cruz.

3. David Bradley M.S. (2005, KU). Thesis: “Kinematics and slip rates of the Coaldale Fault, Nevada”. Now Geotechnical Consultant in Savannah GA

2. Christopher Tincher M.S. (2005, KU). Thesis: “Cenozoic Volcanism and Tectonics in the Queen Valley Area, western Nevada”. Now Executive Vice President, Development & Geology, at Nickel Road Operating LLC

1. Juan Pablo Centeno M.S. (2004, KU). Thesis: “Exhumation of the Torngat Mountains, northern Labrador, Canada”. Now Research Software Engineer with National Jewish Health