Geo 420K Field Methods (Undergrad)                                Geo 381K Tectonic Problems (Grad)

Geo 339T Continental Tectonics (Undergrad)                     Geo 391 Geochronology (Grad)

Geo 660B Field Camp (Undergrad)                                     Geo 391 Thermochronology (Grad)

Geo 391 Source-to-Sink Dynamics



2019     Leader of DGS Tectonics trip to Morocco (2 weeks)

2018     Expedition Co-leader Verkhoyansk Fold-and-Thrust Belt Traverse (3 weeks – NOR-R-AM)

2018     Co-leader UT Field Trip Romania (1 week)

2015     Expedition Co-Leader to Zabargad Island, Red Sea (1 week)

2015     Co-leader Advance Structure Field trip to Big Bend (5 days)

2014     Co-leader of UT Tectonics field trip to NW Ireland (1 week)

2014     UT Geology Honors Program field trip to Colorado Plateau (1 week)

2013     Industry field trip to the Gulf of Suez (1 week)

2013     UT Tectonics field trip to Attica and Cycladic Islands, Greece (2 weeks)

2012     Expedition co-leader of Gilf Kebir (Egypt, Libya, Sudan)

2012     UT Tectonics field trip to Lower Colorado River Extensional Complex (1 weeks)