Graduate students

We are also looking for qualified graduate students who are interested  and excited about working on past climate change and its impacts. Although we use a range of tools from python, matlab, stable isotope and organic geochemistry there is no need to be an expert in these things to apply.  The most important thing is your enthusiasm for research and for tackling these problems.

How to apply: Please start by sending me an email tshanahan@jsg.utexas.edu expressing your interests and how you think your background, skills and experiences would benefit you as a PhD candidate in my research program.  Please attach a CV to your email.  The official deadline to be considered for graduate admissions fellowships is December 1.  Final applications to be considered for a teaching or research assistantship are due January 15. All students who are admitted are guaranteed funding for the duration of their research (4 years with MS, 5 years with BS).

Current opportunities:  I am currently seeking students to work on the following projects. However, there are other possible opportunities – please reach out!

Drivers of southwest drought on orbital to millennial timescales. This project examines for origin of hydroclimate changes in the southwestern US during the Holocene using a combination of stable isotopes, biomarker techniques and climate model analysis.

Holocene climate variability in the northern Andes. This project uses high -resolution lake sediments, stable isotope and biomarker proxies and climate model analysis to look at the controls on climate variability in the northern Andes (Colombia).

Undergraduate students

If you are an undergraduate in the department of Geological Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin and are interested in getting involved in research in my laboratory, please reach out.  We frequently have both paid and for credit opportunities.  In addition, a listing of some undergraduate research opportunities in the JSG is here.

Postdoctoral Researchers

I do not currently have any postdoctoral research opportunities in my laboratory, but am happy to work with candidates to obtain funding from other sources such as the NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship.

In addition the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Department of Geological Sciences both have postdoctoral fellowships.  Please contact me if you are interested in applying.