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Electron Microbeam Laboratory

The instruments in the Electron Microbeam facility are capable of imaging samples at high-magnification (50x to >100,000x) and producing non-destructive, micro-scale elemental analyses of any material that is stable under an electron beam. Instruments are optimized to collect data from different types of samples, and each instrument is designed to collect certain signals/information from the sample. Information regarding specific applications of each instrument can be found on this site. The lab fosters an environment in which a large diversity of research can be conducted. Use the tabs on the right-hand side of this page to learn more about our instruments.

Researchers from outside the Jackson School of Geoscience are welcome (and encouraged!) to use our facility.

A complete listing of all publications resulting from work in the DGS Electron Microbeam Laboratory (since 2014; update November 2018) is posted here.

The Bureau of Economic Geology, located on the J.J. Pickel Research Campus, has two field-emission SEMs. Contact information and details regarding the instruments at the BEG can be found here.

Contact information
Dr. James L. Maner IV
Lab Manager and Research Associate
Office#: (512) 475-7197
Office: JGB 5.312
Dr. Elizabeth Catlos
 Associate Professor (Faculty Oversight)
 Office: JGB 3.320B


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