Longhorn Chapter of the American Association for Petroleum Geologists


General Announcements

Longhorn AAPG is proud to announce that we are the recipients of the Student Chapter Award for the Gulf Coast Section (2018-2019)! This could not have been possible without the amazing group of AAPG officers and leaders over the past 3 years who have dedicated their time to serving the AAPG community at the Jackson School. On behalf of the Longhorn AAPG Chapter, thank you!

2017 – 2018 Officers

2018 – 2019 Officers

2019 – 2020 Officers

2020 – 2021 Officers

Mario A. Gutierrez (President)

 Taylor Canada  (JSG VP)

Emily Beckham (PRC VP)

Graham Soto-Kerans (Secretary)

Sima Daneshvar (Treasurer)

Cole Speed (President)

Kiara Gomez (VP)

Arisa Ruangsirikulchai (Secretary)

Izaak Ruiz (PRC Rep)

Esben Pederson (Treasurer/Industry Liaison)

Irineio Sanchez (Undergraduate Rep)

Cole Speed (President)

Kiara Gomez (VP)

Sebastian Ramiro-Ramirez (Treasurer)

David Wiggs (Secretary)

Andy Roberts (Industry Liaison)

Kiara Gomez (President)

Qiqi Wang (VP)

David Wiggs (Treasurer)

Bethany Rysak (Industry Liasion/Webmaster)

Jake Burstein (Secretary)

Preston Henley (Undergrad Rep)



Upcoming Events

Join us virtually on Thursday, December 3rd from 12 – 1 pm (CDT) to hear the talk “A 3D Geological Modeling Overview” from AAPG Visiting Geoscientist Stephanie Nwoko. 

This presentation introduces the procedures and workflow for building a 3D geological model and provides understanding for the science and workflow behind building a consistent 3D geological model. The objective is to show the importance of integrating data from cores, logs, and seismic into the geological model to capture specific reservoir characteristics with sufficient resolution to ensure the use of property models are valuable inputs for reservoir simulation.  The cross-domain use of the geomodel will ensure consistency of reservoir models for field development, field optimization and/or production scenarios.

For more information please see our events page. Zoom link will be provided.


Academic Opportunities

Thanks to a generous alumni donation, AAPG student members at the Jackson School can take any virtual AAPG short course for FREE from now until year-end. To take advantage of this amazing opportunity please contact Katie Ngo, and click here to see a list of available AAPG short courses.


Thank you to our sponsors!