Utility of ICP-MS and LA-ICP-MS

Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is principally used for rapid, precise and accurate trace element (<1000 ppm) determinations in liquid and solid samples, but other applications include isotopic determinations and speciation studies.

The power of modern ICP-MS resides in its ability to rapidly measure trace elements at very low detection limits (to sub parts per trillion levels) as well as minor and major elements (at parts per million levels) in the same analytical run on suitably diluted samples.

Utility of ICPMS

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11/21 – Trace Element/Ca in small samples

We have developed a matrix-matched approach for determining M/Ca ratios in carbonate biominerals in a single dilution. The method has been tested on samples less than 0.1 mg.

2D chemical mapping by LA-ICP-MS is HOT!!!

There is ever-growing interest among users for 2D chemical mapping to show spatial chemical variations.  This has been applied to several diverse sample types, such are fish ear stones (otoliths) and fin spines (illicea), zircons, garnets, stalagmites, experimental glass, shark vertebrae, and carbonate cements, using spot sizes as small as 5µm. Examples here: 1, 2, 3

Spring 2021 Undergrad Honors Projects

Heather Gunn – Advancing the moisture amount paleoclimate proxy in central Texas stalagmite records through application of novel imaging techniques and
geochemical mapping. GSA presentation here