In the News

Below are some stories about our research that have appeared in the news.



“Review of martian lake basin data provides insights into important environment”
By Rylie Lillbridge, The Daily Texan. Link.

“Newly discovered river belt rule helps scientists analyze ancient, extraterrestrial rivers”
By Leila Saidane, The Daily Texan. Link.

“River Belt Discovery Helps Scientists Understand Ancient Rivers”
By Monica Kortsha, JSG News. Link.


“The Ancient Floods of Mars”
By Jake Robins, WeMartians Podcast. Link.

“Catastrophic floods helped shape the unique landscape on Mars”
By Kate Baggaley, Popular Science. Link.

“Mystery of Mars’ ancient trenches might have finally been solved”
By John Loeffler, TechRadar. Link.

“The deepest canyons on Mars were rapidly formed by devastating floods”
By Leah Crane, New Scientist. Link.

“Flooding on Mars could help us find alien life, UT researchers say”
By Eric Henrikson, KXAN. Link.

“Fast and furious floods shaped Martian surface”
By Lauren Fuge, Cosmos Magazine. Link.

“Catastrophic floods shaped Mars more than previously thought, scientists suggest”
By Charles Q. Choi, Link.

“Mars’ Surface Shaped by Fast and Furious Floods from Overflowing Craters”
By Monica Kortsha, UT News. Link.

“How does the geologic environment shape rockfalls in the Texas Hill Country?”
By Kaitlyn Karmout, KXAN. Link.

“College Brings Adventure — Including Research on Mars”
By Kristin Phillips, DGS News. Link.


“Sustained Planetwide Storms May Have Filled Lakes, Rivers on Ancient Mars”
By Anton Caputo & Monica Kortsha, JSG News. Link.

“How NASA Found the Ideal Hole on Mars to Land In”
By Kenneth Change, The New York Times. Link.


“Comin’ up Jezero”
By Jake Robins, WeMartians Podcast. Link.

“NASA’s next Mars rover will look for signs of life on an ancient crater lake”
By Sarah Kaplan and Ben Guarino, The Washington Post. Link.

“In 2020, the Latest Mars Rover Will Land on Jezero Crater”
By Fatima Husain, PBS Nova. Link.

“NASA’s 2020 rover will search Mars for signs of life”
By Neel V. Patel, Popular Science. Link.

“UT fellow advocated for location of next Mars rover mission”
By Casey Claiborne, FOX 7 Austin. Link.

“The politics behind choosing a Mars 2020 landing site”
By Giuliana Viglione, Link.

“NASA Will Land Its Mars 2020 Rover On A Crater Where Water Once Flowed”
By Alexandra Hart & Kristen Cabrera, Texas Standard. Link.

“NASA Selects Jackson School Postdoc’s Pick for Mars Rover Landing Site”
By Anton Caputo & Monica Kortsha, JSG News. Link.

“Catastrophic Floods Rapidly Carved the Surface of Mars”
By Chelsea Gohd, Discover Magazine. Link.

“UT researchers find out floods carved canyons across Mars”
By Lauren Schneider, The Daily Texan. Link.

“Overflowing Crater Lakes Carved Canyons Across Mars”
By Monica Kortsha, UT News. Link.


“Mars research finds evidence of vast bodies of water”
By Sabrina Tran, The Daily Texan. Link.

“Three sites where NASA might retrieve its first Mars rock”
By Alexandra Witze, Nature. Link.

“Mars 2020: Could this be Red Planet round-trip?”
By Patrick Reilly, The Christian Science Monitor. Link.

“U. scientists attend NASA’s Mars 2020 rover workshop”
By Simran Arora, The Brown Daily Herald. Link.


“Ancient Mars lake could be prime target in search for life”
By Carolyn Y. Johnson, The Boston Globe. Link.

“Brown researchers helping to select Mars 2020 rover landing sites”
By Kevin Stacey, News from Brown. Link.

“Ancient Martian lake system records two water-related events”
By Kevin Stacey, News from Brown. Link.


“Lava flows resurfaced crater lakes after water was gone”
By Robert Burnham, Red Planet Report. Link.


“Researchers explore water in past Martian climates”
By Adam Asher, The Brown Daily Herald. Link.

“Mars Clays Could Preserve Signs of Life”
By Nola Taylor Redd, Link.