This joint workshop consists of a pre-workshop training course on hydrological data assimilation, the CAHMDA-VI and DAFOH-III workshop, and post-workshop excursions.

Click to view and download the detailed CAHMDA-DAFOH Program and Abstract Volume.

06 Sept (Sat.) Training Course on DART
07 Sept (Sun.) Training Course on OpenDA
Onsite registration
08 Sept (Mon.) Morning Session 1: Extreme Events: Detection
Afternoon Session 2: Extreme Events: Modeling
09 Sept (Tue.) Morning Session 3: Extreme Events: Predictability
Afternoon Session 4: Utilization of Multi-source Observations
10 Sept (Wed.) Morning Session 5: Data Assimilation Development and Evaluation
Afternoon Discussion and Summary
Evening Banquet
11 Sept (Thu.) Morning Session 6: Developing Synergism with Operational Hydrology
Afternoon Session 7: Advancing Data Assimilation Science for Operational Hydrology
12 Sept (Fri.) Morning Session 8: Real-world Applications of Data Assimilation in Operational Hydrology
Afternoon Discussion and Closing Remarks
13 Sept (Sat.) Excursions

Note that the two-day (Sat-Sun) pre-workshop training course and the five-day (Mon-Fri) joint workshop will be held at different locations. The training course will be held at the J. J. Pickle Research Campus (PRC), and the joint workshop will be held at the Etter-Harbin Alumni Center on main campus of The University of Texas at Austin.