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King, Carey W.  Interdependence of Growth, Structure, Size and Resource Consumption During an Economic Growth CycleBiophysical Economics and Sustainability, volume 7, Article number: 1, 2022 Free online access: website link and pdf.  See BLOG SUMMARY (summarizing insights)

VIDEOS explaining the results of this HARMONEY paper:

  1. September 2022, Fields Institute, Workshop on Impacts of Climate Change on Economics, Finance, and Insurance: Video Link
  2. May 2022, Presentation to Institute for New Economic Thinking at Oxford:  Video link


Souto, Laiz; Yip, Joshua; Wu, Wen-Ying; Austgen, Brent; Kutanoglu, Erhan; Hasenbein, John; Yang, Zong-Liang; King, Carey W.; Santoso, Surya (2022) Power system resilience to floods: Modeling, impact assessment, and mid-term mitigation strategiesInternational Journal of Electrical Power & Energy Systems, Volume 135, February 2022, 107545, website link.



The Economic Superorganism: Beyond the Competing Narratives on Energy, Growth, and Policy

(available at fine book stores online: SpringerAmazon)


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A flow diagram explaining the zero-emissions cost (ZEC) of energy calculation.



King, Carey W., An Integrated Biophysical and Economic Modeling Framework for Long-Term Sustainability Analysis: the HARMONEY ModelEcological Economics, 169, March 2020, 106464, online link and open access link until January 30, 2020.    An earlier version as USAEE Working Paper No. 19-388 is available at SSRN.


VIDEOS explaining the results of this HARMONEY paper:

  1. December 2019, System Dynamics Society Economics Special Interest Group: Video Link
  2. November 2018, Southern Economic Association Conference:  Video link

HARMONEY MODEL CODE: The two model codes used for the simulations in the paper are open-source, coded in the R language, and available on Mendeley.

The share of GDP going to wages decreases once (1) per capita energy consumption stagnates in the U.S. (in the 1970s) and (2) per capita resources consumption stagnates in the HARMONEY model.



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King, Carey W., An Integrated Biophysical and Economic Modeling Framework for
Long-Term Sustainability Analysis: the HARMONEY ModelEcological Economics, (in press).  An accepted manuscript version is available (online link), and an earlier version as a USAEE Working Paper No. 19-388 is available at SSRN:

MODEL CODE: The two model codes used for the simulations in the paper are open-source, coded in the R language, and available on Mendeley.

VIDEO: Here is a video of me presenting initial findings of this paper at the Southern Economic Association Conference, November 2018 in Washington, DC:  Video link



Rodriguez, Renata del G., Scanlon, Bridget R., King, Carey W., Scarpare, Fabio V., Xavier, Alexandre C., and Pruski, Fernando F., Biofuel-water-land nexus in the last agricultural frontier region of the Brazilian CerradoApplied Energy, in press, online link.

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Figure. The average annual spending, per customer, on transmission, distribution, and administrative costs in U.S. investor-owned utilities (IOUs).


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This paper is also a white paper as part of the Energy Institute at UT-Austin’s Full Cost of Electricity study.

Interesting graphic using data from this study to compare to other studies on levelized cost of electricity (LCOE):


[Graphic: Lucas Bifera, S&P Global Market Intelligence, January 06, 2017, Levelized cost of energy survey shows wind, natural gas cementing economic edge]



Sanders, Kelly T and King, Carey W., “Integration of Water and Energy Sustainability,” Chapter 13 of Sustainability Water Management and Technologies: Sustainable Water Management, Volume I, Editor, Daniel H. Chen, Taylor & Francis/CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, 2016.


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Watch a presentation discussing results of this paper (skip to 23:36 if you don’t want to view background material that provides context for the results): presentation link

Read a more extensive blog discussing the interpretation of this paper.

This paper describes the changing structure of the United States’ (U.S.) domestic economy by applying information theory-based metrics to the U.S. input-output (I-O) tables from 1947 to 2012. The findings of this paper have important implications for economic modeling in that the paper helps explain how fundamental shifts in resources costs relate to economic structure and economic growth.


Figure … After 2002, when energy, food, and water sector costs increased after reaching their low point, the direction of structural change of the U.S. economy reversed trends indicating that money became increasingly concentrated in fewer types of transactions.



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King, Carey W., Maxwell, John P., and Donovan, Alyssa. Comparing world economic and net energy metrics, Part 1: Single Technology and Commodity PerspectiveEnergies, 20158, 12949-12974 (article online and as PDF).       SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION: Excel file with calculations, and PDF with explanation of methods.

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King, C.  A Systems Approach for Investigating Water, Energy, and Food: Scenarios in East-Central Maui,  a report to the Ulupono Initiative. See Full ReportExecutive Summary and Appendix.

This report seeks to inform actions for Hawaii’s sustainable water use in agriculture on East Maui using a systems approach. Ulupono commissioned this report to address the following questions:
• Is the current use of energy and water for agriculture sustainable?
• Do we have enough water to meet society’s goals of increased local food and renewable energy production without causing unintended consequences?
• How much food and electrical and fuel energy can we produce from the East Maui watershed
while sustainably stewarding our water resources?
• What are the impacts to the broader Maui water and energy systems?

Wallis, P., Ward, M., Pittock, J., Hussey, K., Bamsey, H., Denis, A., Kenway, S., King, C., Mushtaq, S., Retamal, M. & Spies, B. The water impacts of climate change mitigation measuresClimatic Change, 125, 209-220, 2014 (article online).

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Donovan, A. and King, C. W.  Trends in Country and Global Energy Industry Own Use and Production between 1960-2010. Poster at the 37th  2014 International Association for Energy Economics Conference, New York, NY, June 15-18, 2014 PDF

Thermal Front Cover

King, Carey W. (ed.) (2014) Thermal Power Plant Cooling: Context and Engineering, New York, NY, ASME Press, ISBN 978-0-7918-6025-0.  Purchase and browse table of contents at ASME: here.







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— Discussed in The Economist, April 21-27, 2012, Buttonwood: “Feeling Peaky”

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– – – Awarded the “Rosenfeld Plaque” and Selected as a “Highlight of 2010” for Environmental Research Letters – – –

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– – – Recognized as most downloaded paper in 1st Qtr 2008 for ES&T – – –


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