The Texas A&M (TAMU) Collection

This collection was begun early in the 20th century, if not before, under the direction of Dr. Mark Francis (1863-1936), a veterinarian at A&M University. He collected material from a number of localities along the Brazos River and other rivers on the Gulf Coastal Plain and their tributaries. Most specimens came from gravel pits, which in those days were excavated with light equipment and bones and teeth were easily noticed by the workmen. Several type specimens are in this collection.

The vertebrate paleontology program at Texas A&M University was discontinued in the 1960s. By an action of the Texas State Legislature, a large percentage of the collection was transferred to VPL in the 1970s. Not all of the specimens in the Texas A&M collection were recovered, and the disposition of those specimens not transferred to VPL is unknown.