The Writer-in-Residence can work with faculty to develop student writers in a variety of ways.

Teaching and Facilitation

  • Coordinated writing consultation, workshops and group facilitation for classes or research groups
  • Topical workshops or presentations in or outside of class, focused for example on:
    • Technical and scientific writing style, skills, process
    • Argumentation, form
    • Critique, review, revision practices
    • Writing and communication tools and software (e.g. Zotero, EndNote, Tableau)
  • TA training, for example
    • Responding to student writing
    • Use of rubrics with student writing
    • Educational technology for efficient coordination and assessment of student writing

Curriculum Development and Instructional Design

  • Adaptation of courses for the Writing Flag
  • Development of activities, assessments, rubrics and objectives for writing intensive courses
  • Technical and teaching assistance for successful implementation

Discipline-Based Educational Research (DBER)

  • Study design and proposal development
  • Design of instructional strategies and systems
  • Pilot implementation
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Presentation and publication