GeoSci Help Room

The GeoSci Help Room at the University of Texas offers additional, peer-led assistance to students enrolled in various courses within the Jackson School of Geosciences. Located in the Holland Center and at UTIG, the Help Room is staffed by Peer Leaders who are experienced University of Texas students excelling in their respective geosciences courses. These Peer Leaders are available to provide support in foundational courses in geoscience disciplines, as well as other foundational subjects and higher-level concepts. A list of peer tutors and available subjects can be found below. Students are encouraged to visit this page regularly for any updates regarding the Help Room schedule throughout the semester.

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Peer Tutors

Sabrina Reichert (PhD Student in Geophysics, First-year, BA in Environmental Chemistry, Columbia University 2020)

Subjects include: Chemistry through inorganic, physics with calculus, calculus I-IV, linear algebra, ODE, PDE, fluid flow and thermodynamics

Geoscience topics: dynamics of sedimentary systems, sedimentary basin analysis, marine tectonics, seismology and geophysics courses, intro to geology courses, topics in science writing


The GeoSci Help Room follows the JSG Community Guidelines, as well as department Academic Policies and Procedures