Austin, TX

Austin is regarded as an open-minded, friendly and innovative city, with the unofficial motto “Keep Austin Weird” and is the self-proclaimed  “live music capital of the world”. The city is consistently rated a national creative center that draws talented people from across the world to its high quality of life, abundant resources, lively entertainment and active lifestyle. The Austin area and Texas Hill Country is alight with wildflowers in Spring.  If you find some time to “play” in Austin, we hope the below websites help:

University of Texas at Austin​

The University of Texas at Austin offers a home where the creative, artistic minds of the world live side by side with the scientific and technological innovators of tomorrow. Founded in 1883, the university has grown from a single building, eight teachers, two departments and 221 students to a 350 acre main campus with 17 colleges and schools, about 24,000 faculty and staff, and more than 50,000 students.

NAWLA’19 will be hosted by the Jackson School of Geosciences

The Jackson School was founded in 1888 as a Department of Geology and became a separate unit at the college level in 2005. The Jackson school is home to more than 600 undergraduate and graduate students, averages about $45Million in external research grants and contracts annually, and has the world’s largest endowment for the geosciences.

Laser ablation research initiated in 2000, with the acquisition of a 213nm solid state Nd:YAG system. The school now has several 193nm excimer lasers systems, variously coupled to HR-ICP-MS, Quadrupole ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS instruments, which are widely used for U/Pb geochronology , trace element geochemistry, and a diversity of other applications.

Parking Garages

San Jacinto and Manor are the closest parking garages to the Jackson School of Geosciences workshop venue.  Parking fees are a maximum of $18/day.  The Health Center garage (10 minute walk is $9/day) and closest to the Thursday Dinner venue.

  • Map of venue, parking, dinners, and hotel locations
Austin Skyline

UT Austin Campus

The Jackson School's educational buildings are in the heart of the main UT Austin campus.

The Jackson School’s educational buildings are in the heart of the main UT Austin campus.