The Nu Instruments Nu Plasma 3D from Nu Instruments, purchased with NSF MRI grant 1532097 and a match from the Jackson School of Geosciences was installed in a positively-pressured hepafiltered clean lab in the Jackson Geology Building in February 2018. It is equipped with a static collector array with 16 Faraday detectors and 6 Daly detectors, enhanced abundance transfer optics (EATO), dry scroll pumps.







The Six Daly Detectors are accessed through gaps in the Faraday collector array and additional lenses focus the beams into specific Dalys. Five of the six Dalys are in low mass positions, ideally situated to analyze Pb isotopes, double spiked U isotopes and spiked Th isotopes.  The sixth Daly is in the high mass position to enable simultaneous measurement of U and Pb and we are working to develop Li isotope measurement using multi-Daly.







Elemental Scientific Lasers (ESL) NWR193 laser with a Coherent laser source, TV2-two volume sample chamber, infinitely variable aperture (IVA) and rotating X-Y shutter (XYR) aperture.














This equipment is supported by 2 Nu Instruments DSN100 desolvating nebulizers, Teledyne CETAC ASX 112FR autosampler, Barnstead E-Pure 18 M-ohm water polishing system and 2 class 100 clean laboratories for low-contamination dissolution of samples and isolation of individual elements for high precision isotope analysis.