I am a postdoctoral fellow at the Jackson School of Geosciences (University of Texas at Austin). My primary research focus is on understanding the driving forces behind the formation, evolution, and decay of Solar System surfaces. In particular, I investigate the coupled interactions between climate, erosion, and tectonics recorded in landscapes at a variety of spatial and temporal scales. I am currently a member of the Planetary Surface Processes Group led by Dr. Tim Goudge. Previously, I was a member of the Earth & Planets Group at Imperial College London (PhD; 2014-2018), theĀ Planetary Geosciences Group at the University of Chicago, and the Center for Planetary Sciences at University College London (MSci; 2010-2014).


Planetary Surface Processes; Fluvial Geomorphology; Erosion and Uplift; Land-Climate Interactions; Early Mars; Terrestrial Analogs; Volcanic Islands; Geochronology.