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Our research group studies fundamental and applied hydrologic flow and transport phenomena. We pursue basic knowledge on the role of water in many earth-surface processes and seek the information needed for designing solutions to environmental issues and society’s water problems.

Our research philosophy follows the quote from James Clerk Maxwell:

Thus all the mathematical sciences are founded on relations between physical laws and laws of numbers, so that the aim of exact science is to reduce the problems of nature to the determination of quantities by operations with numbers.” (On Faraday’s Lines of Force, 1856)

Operations with numbers are not very meaningful however when not tied to real-world observations and relevant issues. Thus, we synthesize field and experimental observations with computational and theoretical models, whatever form they may take.

Our scientific pursuits have taken us to the interstices of pores, to raging rivers and flooded coastlines, to arid zones, to frozen landscapes, to tropical forests and reefs, to the depths of caves and the coastal ocean, to active volcanoes, and to the local places and communities in central Texas.

For prospective graduate students, please visit:

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Contact Information

Bayani Cardenas
Phone: 512-471-6897
Office: EPS 3.160
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