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mineral picture


Glenn and Martha Vargas
Martha and Glenn Vargas, c. 1995

Welcome to the Glenn and Martha Vargas Gem and Mineral Collection at the University of Texas at Austin's Jackson School of Geosciences. This site contains photographs and information about specimens in the Vargas Gem and Mineral collection, one of the finest collections in an academic institution. It was a gift of the late Glenn and Martha Vargas, internationally recognized authorities in lapidary arts and former instructors at the University.

What will you find here? A searchable database of photographs and information about the minerals, gems and gemstones of the collection, over 6300 in all, and information about the collection and the Vargases are accessible here. Gem and mineral specimens, comprising over 3700 single crystals, twinned crystals, crystal clusters and crystal intergrowths, are searchable by mineral and varietal name, color, and crystal shape/habit. The 2600+ Gemstones of the collection, both faceted and in cabachon, can also be searched by mineral/variety name and color, as well as by the type and pattern of cut. Specimens are also grouped into searchable sub-collections. These include mineral psuedomorphs, quartz with inclusions, twinned crystals, synthetic gems, a “thumbnail” collection, and quartz gemstones cut to demonstrate the patterns in three Vargas books on faceting diagrams.

All images accessible through this Web site are in the public domain. Please credit the Vargas Gem and Mineral Collection, Jackson School of Geosciences. To begin your search or browse the collection, use the links in the upper right corner of this page or those below. Enjoy!