Student Government and Senate

Student Government

The geosciences student government representative serves as a liaison between the Jackson School and Student Government. The representative is responsible for communicating and consulting opinions on legislation, initiatives, and events to the council and all Jackson students, who are the representative’s constituents. Duties include but are not limited to sending weekly e-mails, attending all required Student Government Assembly and Committee meetings, and giving weekly updates at UGS general body and officer meetings.


Along with the student government representative, the geosciences senate representative serves as the connection between the Jackson School and the rest of the University. The senate representative behaves as the voting power of the Jackson School in the Senate of College Councils. It is the job of the senate representative to reflect the ideas and opinions of UGS as a whole at general assemblies and communicate the activities, legislation, and proceedings of the Senate of College Councils to the rest of UGS. Responsibilities include attending biweekly general assemblies, attending senate representative meetings during the off weeks, attending weekly UGS meetings, answering general questions about current or potential legislation, and sending email updates to the rest of the geoscience undergraduates about what transpired in the most recent general assemblies. As an officer of UGS, the senate representative is also expected to attend biweekly UGS officer meetings.