The Role of Outburst Floods in Earth and Planetary Evolution

GSA Penrose Conference

June 5-9, 2023 | Camp Delany, Coulee City, Washington, USA

This GSA Penrose Conference will encompass the range of science conducted on outburst floods, both on Earth and elsewhere in the solar system, clustered around four key themes: (1) Channeled Scabland and the Missoula Floods; (2) the universal occurrence of outburst floods on Earth and other planets; (3) the mechanics of outburst flood processes; and (4) broader Earth system and societal implications of outburst floods. The timing of the conference coincides with the 100th anniversary of J Harlen Bretz’s first publication on the Channeled Scabland, and it will take place at Camp Delany, which occupies a spectacular flood-carved setting at the foot of Dry Falls in Grand Coulee, Washington. The conference will review past and present work, as well as help chart the future science on outburst floods through presentations, discussions, and multiple field trips.

All pertinent information for the conference can be found on this site, and questions can be directed to: Thanks, and we hope to see you at Camp Delany!

Conference Organizers: Tim Goudge (UT Austin), Isaac Larsen (UMass Amherst), Jim O’Connor (USGS), and Greta Wells (U. Iceland)


Photo credit for banner image: Bruce Bjornstad.