Scheme Options

Multi-Physics Options:

1. Options for dynamic vegetation:
a) off
b) on (together with OPT_CRS = 1) [default]

2. Options for canopy stomatal resistance
a) Ball-Berry (must 1 when DVEG = 2) [default]
b) Jarvis

3. Options for soil moisture factor for stomatal resistance
a) Noah (soil moisture) [default]
b) CLM (matric potential)
c) SSiB (matric potential)

4. Options for runoff and groundwater
a) TOPMODEL with groundwater (Niu et al. 2007 JGR) [default]
b) TOPMODEL with an equilibrium water table (Niu et al. 2005 JGR) ;
c) original surface and subsurface runoff (free drainage)
d) BATS surface and subsurface runoff (free drainage)

5. Options for surface layer drag coeff (CH & CM)
a) M-O [default]
b) original Noah (Chen97)

6. Options for supercooled liquid water (or ice fraction)
a) no iteration (Niu and Yang, 2006 JHM) [default]
b) Koren’s iteration

7. Options for frozen soil permeability
a) linear effects, more permeable (Niu and Yang, 2006, JHM) [default]
b) nonlinear effects, less permeable (old)

8. Options for radiation transfer
a) modified two-stream (gap = F(solar angle, 3D structure …)<1-FVEG) [default]
b) two-stream applied to grid-cell (gap = 0)
c) two-stream applied to vegetated fraction (gap=1-FVEG)

9. Options for ground snow surface albedo
a) BATS;
b) CLASS [default]

10. Options for partitioning precipitation into rainfall & snowfall
a) Jordan (1991) [default]
b) BATS: when SFCTMP<TFRZ+2.2 ;

11. Options for lower boundary condition of soil temperature
a) zero heat flux from bottom (ZBOT and TBOT not used)
b) TBOT at ZBOT (8m) read from a file (original Noah) [default]

12. Options for snow/soil temperature time scheme (only layer 1)
a) semi-implicit [default]
b) full implicit (original Noah)