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David Mohrig Headshot

David Mohrig

Associate Dean of Research, Jackson School of Geosciences

Professor, Jackson School of Geosciences


Office: EPS 3.166, EPS 3.162

Post-doctoral Researchers

Julia Cisneros Photo

Julia Cisneros

NSF Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Research Topic: Identifying the key mechanisms driving bedform formation and evolution across different environments

PhD Geology, University of Illinois

B.S. Geology, Texas A&M University

Personal Website

David Cousins

David Cousins

Research Topic:


PhD Students

Kat Wilson Photo

Kat Wilson

Research Topic: Geomorphology and evolution of carbonate coastal dunes in the Caribbean

M.S. Geology, University of Florida

B.S. Geology & B.A. Environmental Studies, University of Pittsburgh

Research Website | Google Scholar | LinkedIn

Chris Liu Photo

Chris Liu

Research Topic: Coupling between sedimentation and deformation

M.S. Geology, UT Austin

M.S. Petroleum Engineering, New Mexico Tech

B.S. Petroleum Engineering, UT Austin


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Cole Speed (Co-supervised, Zoltan Sylvester)

Research topic: Quantifying linkages between modern planetary surface processes and the ancient rock record

B.S. Geophysics, UT Austin

Personal Website | Github | LinkedIn

Paul Morris

Paul Morris

Research Topic:

M.S. Reservoir Evaluation & Management, Heriot-Watt University

M.S. Chemical Engineering, University of Cambridge

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Mariel Nelson (Co-supervised, Tim Goudge)

Research Topic: Alluvial and bedrock river bank erosion analyzed with time-lapse lidar

B.A. Geophysics, University of California Berkeley


Will Bailey (Co-supervised, Cornel Olariu)

Research Topic: Mapping microplastics in sedimentary environments

M.S. Finance, Southern Methodist University

M.S. Structural Geology with Geophysics, University of Leeds

B.S. Geological Sciences, Texas Christian University

MS Students

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Nicole Gonzalez

Research Topic: Shallow marine storm deposits of the Coaledo Formation, Southwest Oregon

B.A. Geology, University of Colorado Boulder


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Sarah Meyer (Co-supervised, Jake Covault & Zoltan Sylvester)

Research topic: Depositional architecture of the Brushy Canyon Formation in the Delaware Basin

B.S. Geology, University of Houston

Technical Research Staff


Jim Buttles

Research Engineering/ Scientist Associate III