Hot off the Press!

Kat Wilson is a coastal geomorphologist and sedimentologist interested in exploring (1) morphodynamic feedbacks in surface processes across modern to Late-Pleistocene coastal systems, (2) coastal hazards from tropical and extra-tropical cyclones and sea level rise, and (3) coastal management and resilience through interdisciplinary decision-support strategies. Her PhD research has focused on the geomorphology and evolution of carbonate coastal dunes in the Caribbean. Check out her new papers! 

Rendall B, Wilson K, Kerans C, Helper M, Mohrig D. 2022. Coriolis effect recorded in Late Pleistocene Marine Isotope Stage 5e Bahamian aeolianites. Geology DOI: 10.1130/G49454.1 

Wilson K, Mohrig D. 2021. Modern coastal tempestite deposition by a non-local storm: Swell-generated transport of sand and boulders on Eleuthera, The Bahamas. Sedimentology DOI: