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Aug 2, 2012: Agilent GC to be installed
July 12, 2012: New Thermo Delta is delivered!
June 6, 2012: Agilent GC for Argon and oxygen separation is designed!
July 30, 2010: Thermo MAT253 is installed!

High Temperature Stable Isotope Lab
This newly renovated lab is overseen by Jaime Barnes and houses a ThermoElectron MAT 253 with associated peripheral devices and instrumentation (TC/EA, GasBench II, Conflo IV, online silicate laser extraction line, general purpose glass vacuum extraction lines, CH3Cl purification line). Instrumentation permits measurements of the stable H, C, N, O, S, and Cl isotope ratios of silicate, phosphate, and carbonate minerals, volcanic gases, and water

Stable Isotope Lab for Critical Zone Gases
The critical zone is the region near the Earth’s surface that extends from the water table up through the vadose zone to the top of vegetative canopies. This lab, overseen by Dan Breecker, is designed for the study of the gas chemistry of this region. In particular we focus on CO2 in caves, soils and vegetative canopies. The capabilities of the lab include high precision concentration and stable isotope ratio measurements of CO2, O2, and N2. Measurements are made using a Gasbench II or an Agilent 7890A GC interfaced with a Delta V isotope ratio mass spectrometer.




For inquiries for analytical services, please contact:
 Jaime Barnes, Daniel Breecker
For inquiries regarding collaborative research, please contact either :
Jaime Barnes, Daniel Breecker

Contact Information

Lab phone:512-232-5526

Lab shipping address:
Toti Larson
Dept. of Geological Sciences
The University of Texas at Austin
2275 Speedway Stop C9000
EPS Building 1.130
Austin, TX 78712

Jaime Barnes

Daniel Breecker

Toti Larson
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