Research Interests

Jaime Barnes Jaime Barnes
Assistant Professor
My research encompass a broad spectrum of geochemistry including high temperature fluid-rock interactions and metasomatism, metamorphism and volatile transport in subduction zones, geochemical cycling, relating metamorphic processes to deformation, serpentinization, and stable isotope geochemistry. Be sure to visit my website for additional information.
Daniel O Breecker Daniel O Breecker
Assistant Professor
My research pursues a process-based understanding of soils and the “critical zone” to understand the inter-relationship between climate and soils. I incorporate field-based studies (current projects in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Kansas and Tibet) and laboratory experiments (technique development and soil incubation experiments) that measure stable isotope ratios in water, pedogenic minerals, critical zone gases and organic matter. Be sure to visit my website for additional information.

Research Staff

Toti Larson
Toti Larson

Research Associate
and Lab Manager
I oversee the daily operations in the laboratory and develop new methods of light isotope measurement as needs change. My research is focused on understanding transport behavior of CO2 and methane, and understanding how light isotope fractionations can be used to better understand adsorption processes. This research involves conducting bench-scale 1-D column flow through experiments and field experiments in coordination with the Bureau of Economic Geology.

Graduate Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Fellows

Elizabeth J Cassel

Postdoctoral Fellow
Cenozoic Paleotopography of Northern California and NevadaEocene Fluvial System Dynamics across the “Nevadaplano”, Comparison of Late Eocene floras from California and Oregon, Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of Paleogene Fluvial Deposits in Eastern Oregon: The Clarno and John Day Formations, Hydration and Alteration Processes in Felsic Volcanic Glass

Peter Carlson


Miguel Cisneros

Jeff Cullen

Brandon Okafor

John Warden

Undergraduate students

Past Graduate Research Assistants and Postdoctoral Fellows