Porous Media Multiphysics Research Lab


Welcome to PM²R Lab


Sahar Bakhshian 

Research Assistant Professor 

Fellow of the Edwin Allday Centennial Chair in Subsurface Geology

Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin

University Station, Box X, Austin, TX  78712-8924

Phone: (512)-471-2243

Email: sahar.bakhshian@beg.utexas.edu

At the PM²R Lab, we are dedicated to unraveling complex dynamics of multiphysics phenomena in porous media through experiments, analytical, and computational modeling to tackle geoscience and environmental-related problems. Of particular interest is investigating the physics of multiphase flow in porous media using microfluidic experiments and cutting-edge computational modeling.

The primary research areas include:

  • Pore- and reservoir-scale multiphase flow modeling and simulation associated with CO2 geologic storage

  • Microfluidic experiments of multiphase flow in porous media

  • Environmental risk assessment of CO2 storage

  • Environmental monitoring associated with CO2 storage

  • Data analytics applicable to environmental sensor data

We seek to collaborate with universities, national laboratories, and those from industry. If you are interested in a collaboration, or are interested in learning more about the PM²R Lab, please contact Dr. Sahar Bakhshian.