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The University of Texas at Austin

The EDGER Forum

The UT-Austin EDGER Forum is a consortium of petroleum producing and service companies focused on educating graduate students and conducting research on development and application of geophysical methods to support exploration and development of petroleum reserves. The Forum also coordinates education and technology transfer between producing and service companies and academia. Directed by CO-PIs Drs. Mrinal Sen and Kyle Spikes, our primary research efforts are to push the limits of seismic resolution. Click on the Prospectus Tab for more information.


Announcement: 2017 EDGER Annual Meeting, March 5–6, 2017

Click on the 2017 Annual Meeting Tab for more details.

MEMBER LINK TO 2016 Abstracts to the 86th SEG Annual Meeting in Dallas, TX

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Contact Information

For more information,
please contact:

The University of Texas at Austin
Dept of Geological Sciences
Jackson School of Geosciences
2275 Speedway Stop C9000
Austin, TX 78712 – 1722

Mrinal K. Sen
(512) 471-0466

Kyle T. Spikes
Phone: (512) 471-7674

Robert H. Tatham
Phone: (512) 471-9129
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