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Thomas M Etzel

Thomas M Etzel
B.S., Geosciences, University of Utah, 2012
M.S., Geology, University of Utah, 2015


Broadly speaking my research interests include metamorphic petrology, isotope geochemistry, and lithosphere dynamics. Currently I am studying the tectonic evolution of western Turkey, specifically the Menderes Massif. One component of this work involves using recent advancements in garnet geothermobarometry to construct detailed P-T paths. Another component of this work will involve dating garnets using the Lu-Hf system. Combined, I hope to produce high resolution P-T-t paths that will improve our understanding of the tectonometamorphic history in this region of the world.

I am also interested in fluid-rock interactions and the evolution of active geothermal systems. This includes: 1) documenting the extent of 18O/16O exchange between reservoir rocks/minerals and geothermal fluids; 2) determination– and interpretation– of hydrothermal alteration to evaluate the thermal evolution of these systems; and 3) documenting mineral chemistries (e.g. tourmaline and feldspar) to better understand system-scale fluid evolution over time.

Global Research Fellowship - UT-Austin (2018)

Society of Economic Geologists Graduate Research Fellowship - SEG (2013)