Qiqi Wang

Qiqi  Wang
B.S., Geology and Geophysics, Missouri University of Science and Technology, Geological Sciences & Engineering, 2014
M.S., Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, Jackson School of Geosciences, 2016

Office: PIC
Mailcode: E0610



Committee Members

Working on fractured reservoir characterization, including tight gas sandstone and fractured basement. I am also working on tight gas sand diagenesis and reservoir quality evaluation. Method I use include SEM-CL, fluid inclusion micro thermometry and petrography.
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Current Research Projects

Fracture evolution and progressive diagenesis in low porosity sandstones ( view )

Past Research Projects

Characterizing bedding parallel fractures in shale: morphology, aperture size distribution

Jackson School Off-campus Research Award - University of Texas at Austin (2020)

Jackson School Summer Research Analytical Fund - University of Texas at Austin (2019)

AAPG Award of Excellence “Top 10” Poster Presentation - AAPG (2015)

S.K. Grant Field Camp Award, best mapper - Missouri University of Science and Technology (2013)

Spring Undergraduate Research Award - Missouri University of Science and Technology (2013)

GSA Energy Geology Division – Student Representative, Geological Society of America (2019 - Present)

ARMA UT Austin Student Chapter – Event Organizer, American Association of Rock Mechanics (2019 - Present)

Quantified fracture (joint) clustering in Archean basement, Wyoming: Application of Normalized Correlation Count method, AAPG ACE, (2019)

Coupled effects of diagenesis and deformation on fracture evolution in deeply buried sandstones, 53rd American Rock Mechanics Association symposium, (2019)

Unraveling the history of ultra-deep fractures in sedimentary basins, Pan-American Current Research on Fluid Inclusions, (2018)

Characterizing bedding-parallel fractures in shale: aperture-size distributions and spatial organization, AAPG ACE, (2016)

Bedding-parallel fractures in shales: characterization, prediction and importance, AAPG ACE, (2015)