Patrick (Kevin) Meazell

Patrick (Kevin) Meazell
B.S., Geology, University of Georgia, 2009
M.S., Geoscience, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, 2014


I am a deepwater sedimentologist and stratigrapher. My research focuses on the deposition of clastic, methane hydrate-bearing reservoirs in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. I study these deposits at the basin- to grain-scale.

During my time at the Jackson School of Geosciences I have helped to plan and execute the drilling of multiple wells as part of the UT led GOM2 project (

Current Research Projects

Sedimentology and stratigraphy of a deepwater gas hydrate reservoir in the northern Gulf of Mexico

Episodic fluid expulsion in the Terrebonne Basin, northern Gulf of Mexico

Flow properties of overbank turbidity currents, Green Canyon 955

Sedimentological characterization of a deepwater methane hydrate reservoir in Green Canyon 955, northern Gulf of Mexico, AGU Fall Meeting, (2017)

Heat-flux and fluid flow in the Terrebonne basin, AGU Fall Meeting, (2016)

The depositional evolution of the Terrebonne basin, Northern Gulf of Mexico, 5th Annual Jackson School Research Symposium, (2016)

Methane hydrate-bearing sediments in the Terrebonne basin, Northern Gulf of Mexico, AGU Fall Meeting, (2015)