My current research is about using multi-component seismology to understand the angle dependent reflectivity of different pure and converted wave modes and its linkage to the rock anisotropy. My interests also include seismic wave propagation in orthorhombic media to characterize fractured stratified formations.

Previously, I have been working as a development geophysicist for an independent hydrocarbon exploration and production company. Some of the key projects I delivered include: 3D structural and stratigraphic interpretation, 3D Velocity modeling, pre-stack / post-stack seismic inversion, time lapse inversion, quantitative 4D interpretation, pressure and saturation decoupling.

Winner, Gulf Coast Challenge Bowl - SEG (2013)

Best Graduate Resume Award - Jackson School of Geoscience (2013)

ExxonMobil Science Grant - ExxonMobil Exploration Company (2012 - 2013)

Cairn Award For Technical Excellence - Cairn Energy India Pty Ltd (2012)

HSE Champion - Cairn Energy India Pty Ltd (2010)