Junwen Peng

Junwen  Peng
B.A., Resource Exploration Engineering (Petroleum Geology), Faculty of Earth Resources, China University of Geosciences (CUG), Wuhan, 2013
M.A., Geological Resources and Geological Engineering (Petroleum Geology), College of Geosciences, China University of Petroleum (CUP), Beijing, 2016
Ph.D., Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2021


Committee Members

1. Shale sedimentology: transportation and deposition processes and mechanisms of the mudrock system.
2. Shale petrography: textural variation, mineral composition, grain assemblages composition, pore types, and diagenetic features.
3. Sedimentary geochemistry: trace metals used as proxies for paleoenvironmental and paleomarine system reconstructions (e.g., hydrographic circulation, seawater chemistry, productivity, and redox conditions).
4. Unconventional hydrocarbon resources: mechanisms of organic matter accumulation and prediction of favorable shale gas and shale oil reservoirs.

Current Research Projects

Heterogeneity Characterization and Genetic Mechanism of Deepwater Fine-grained Sedimentary Rocks During Icehouse Period: A Case Study from the Cline Shale in the Midland Basin, West Texas

Geological Society of America Research Grants - Geological Society of America (2018 - 2021)

Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing - Marine and Petroleum Geology (2017)

Peng, J.., Milliken, K.., Fu, Q.., Janson, X.. & Hamlin, H.. (2020). Grain assemblages and diagenesis in organic-rich mudrocks, Upper Pennsylvanian Cline shale (Wolfcamp D), Midland Basin, Texas. AAPG Bulletin, 104(7), 1593-1624. doi:.

Peng, J.., Milliken, K.. & Fu, Q.. (2020). Quartz types in the Upper Pennsylvanian organic-rich Cline Shale (Wolfcamp D), Midland Basin, Texas: Implications for silica diagenesis, porosity evolution and rock mechanical properties. Sedimentology, 67, 2040-2064. doi:.

Peng, J.., Fu, Q.., Larson, T.. & Janson, X.. (n.d.). Trace-elemental and petrographic constraints on the severity of hydrographic restriction in the silled Midland Basin during the late Paleozoic ice age. GSA Bulletin. doi:.