Joseph Syzdek

Joseph  Syzdek
B.S., Geology, Illinois State University, 2019
M.S., Geology, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2021


Committee Member

Joseph is currently a 2nd year Masters student. His interests lie in structural geology and stratigraphic analysis. He is currently studying the interface of structural geology, stratigraphy, and sedimentology to investigate the control of mechanical stratigraphy on the geometry and kinematics of an exposed fault-propagation fold in the Sacramento Mountains of New Mexico.

Joseph has also started a side project with a fellow Ph.D. student, Buddy Price, which is focused on using well log correlations and mapping to investigate the Mississippian systems of the West Texas Basin (Permian Basin).

Current Research Projects

The Evolution of the Early-Middle Mississippian Systems in the Permian Basin: Correlation with Outcrops in New Mexico and the Applicability to the STACK play of Oklahoma

Mechanical Stratigraphic Control on Fault-Propagation Fold Geometry, Gobbler Anticline, Sacramento Mountains, New Mexico

AAPG SWS Grants-In-Aid - Southwest Section of AAPG (2020)

Meckel Family Named Grant - AAPG (2020)

Robert G. Bone Scholarship - Illinois State University (2019)

Harry O. Lathrop-Arthur W. Watterson Memorial Award - Illinois State University (2017)

John Powell Fund Scholarship - Illinois State University (2017)