Dominik A Kardell

Dominik A Kardell
B.S., Earth and Environmental Science, Minor in Mathematics, University of New Orleans, 2013
M.S., Geosciences / Geophysics, University of Arizona, 2016
Ph.D., Marine Geophysics, University of Texas at Austin, Institute for Geophysics (UTIG), expected 2020

Office: JGB
Mailcode: R2200



Committee Members

I am interested in the evolution of oceanic crust and the processes that affect its physical properties. I am currently performing extensive seismic velocity analysis using MCS data from the Crustal Reflectivity Experiment Southern Transect (CREST). My goal for this project is to characterize the velocity structure of the upper oceanic crust in the western South Atlantic, which has implications for the effect of magmatism and hydrothermal processes on the makeup and geologic structure at slow to intermediate-spreading crust.

Current Research Projects

The Evolution in Physical Properties and Structure of Upper Oceanic Crust in the Western South Atlantic: Implications for Hydrothermal Circulation, Accretion Modes, and Heat Flow